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Diary #673

Whenever I first close up the nursery for the year and force the new pullets to join the flock, they’re typically a bit reticent; this year was no exception.  Though I kicked them out almost two weeks ago, they spend all their time close to each other, typically hiding among the feed cans and only occasionally venturing out of the henhouse.  But this past weekend that finally changed; they’ve started to venture out to scratch in the dirt, and though they still stick close to each other (as you can see), they’re getting braver about being near the big hens.  For the most part, the hens (even the previously-troublesome blues) are leaving them alone; the only aggressive one is the oldest of the Ameraucanas, and she’s too old, fat, and slow to actually catch them.  Within a few weeks, even that will stop, and in about two more months we should start seeing some eggs from the young ‘uns.  Then next spring we’ll start the whole thing over again with three new chicks whom I’ll have to protect from the now-grown leghorns.

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