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Being on the registry…has been a death sentence.  –  David Kingrea

Property of the State

So, will Texas now try to stop people from crossing the border into Mexico?

Mexico’s Supreme Court [has thrown] out all federal criminal penalties for abortion…ruling that national laws prohibiting the procedure are unconstitutional and violate women’s rights…The ruling will require the federal public health service and all federal health institutions to offer abortion to anyone who requests it…Some 20 Mexican states…still criminalize abortion.  While judges in those states will have to abide by the court’s decision, further legal work will be required to remove all penalties…Mexico City was the first Mexican jurisdiction to decriminalize abortion 15 years ago…Argentina…legalized the procedure…[in January 2021, and] Colombia [did so early last year]…

If Men Were Angels

“Pastor and sex offender” is a large and ever-expanding group:

Jonathan Shaheen, a [typical and representative] Colorado Springs church pastor and music teacher, [was arrested for] sexual exploitation of a child…[because he talked to] a couple in New Mexico who were said [by some unnamed party] to be exploiting children…

Some of these articles are so vague they wouldn’t even be newsworthy were the accused anyone more credible than a cop or preacher.

Spotlight (#845) 

Asstoon has spent the last 14 years attacking sex workers, so it’s good to see him in hot water over his poor judgment:

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis reportedly wrote letters in support of actor Danny Masterson during his rape trial, which recently found him guilty on two counts of forcible rape…[com]mitted…between 2001 and 2003…Kutcher wrote that Masterson “instantly” became a “dedicated co worker, and role model to me” when the pair began working together on That ’70s Show in 1998…

In addition to bankrolling a dangerous surveillance engine which uses facial recognition to out sex workers to the pigs, Kutcher is a delusional megalomaniac who has claimed to have actual godlike powers.

The End of the Beginning (#1290) 

The state should have to pay substantial damages to people it wrongfully condemns to its pariah list:

David Kingrea…[was falsely] accused…of sexual…abus[e by his ex-girlfriend’s son in 2011]…though…he maintained his innocence…[he] was found guilty [on no evidence other than the boy’s word, and]…sentenced to…12 months [in]…jail…[followed by eternal condemnation to] the Virginia Sex Offender Registry…[but] in the fall of 2020…the boy, who is now an adult, [recanted his lies]…clearing [Kingrea’s] name and getting him off the sex offender…[registry.  The state then fobbed him off with a mere] $55,000 [for twelve years of hell]…The Innocence Project…[has proposed a] bill [stating]…“that people…be compensated $25,000 per year for…[wrongful condemnation to the registry]…the person who wrongfully accused [Kingrea is] currently serving time in prison for an unrelated crime…

A Broker in Pillage (#1324)

“Program” is a helluva euphemism for “criminal conspiracy”:

Wayne County, which includes the city of Detroit, has long run a program where it s[teals] cars and cash from people police [decide to falsely accuse of “crimes” involving] drugs or prostitution…Now a federal court has severely curtailed this…[scheme as a] violat[ion of] due process…the U.S. Supreme Court has a similar case on its docket, so a broader precedent may soon be set…After [cops steal] their vehicle…people are [extorted]…of around $1,000 [to] get their [own property] back immediately or…the county [will illegally] sell the vehicle and pocket the proceeds.  People can challenge a forfeiture in court, but it is expensive and…takes…up to a year even to get a hearing…The court ruled that this period was too long, and the hearing needs to happen within two weeks (one judge argued that it should be within 48 hours)…

To Molest and Rape (#1365)

He wasn’t a “former” cop when he repeatedly raped a six-year-old:

A [typical and representative] Jacksonville [Florida cop] is in…jail charged with…child [molestation].  The case dates to 2005, when…Christopher Tyree…began [rap]ing her during sleepovers…when she was six years old…a prior 2007 criminal complaint made by two girls, ages 9 and 10, w[as completely ignored by his cronies at the time, as was]…a 2017 case…in which he was accused of inappropriate conversations with a 14-year-old over Instagram…

Dangerous Speech (#1367)

The Backpage trial has become an evil self-parody:

…government attorneys have — for the second time — asked federal Judge Diane Humetewa to exclude any mention of the First Amendment in front of the jury during the Backpage trial.  Yes, that’s right, prosecutors want no talk of free speech in a case that’s all about free speech…That Backpage should not be held accountable for acts of third parties who posted or responded to an adult-themed ad on Backpage — as long as the ad was legal on its face and, thus, protected by the First Amendment — should be self-evident to all…but…the government does not want a fair fight…


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