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Annex 123

The rugs from my incall fit quite well in the atrium, over the same floor mats they sat on in the incall.  Not only do they make the space visually cozier, they also absorb sound so there’s no longer an echo in there.  And two layers of insulation will certainly keep the atrium warmer when we start using the stove in a few weeks.  On top of everything else, the rugs make me feel a lot better about walking around barefoot in there as I am wont to do.  There are two large rugs from the incall which don’t really fit here; one of them is rolled up just out of frame on the left, and I plan to use the other one in my office upstairs.  And there are a few spaces that we don’t yet have rugs for; you can see one of them just in front of the stove, where that rocker is.  For that one, I plan to get a proper hearthrug, and I’ll keep my eyes open for something to fit into the other areas.  But even as things are now, I’m quite happy with how it’s coming out; I don’t think it’ll be much longer before the project is basically done except for the kind of tweaking which can go on a little at a time for months or even years after everything else is sewn up.

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