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Annex 121

My Durabak came in on Tuesday of last week, so on Wednesday I opened up the black can to attempt to seal up the last persistent leak in the join between atrium roof and original house roof.  While I was up there waiting for the first coat to dry, I decided to use waterproof Gorilla tape to close up the gaps I could see in the shop roof, and next week I’m going to use the three white cans over that whole area to eliminate the pinhole drips we had last winter.  That leaves only the two grey cans, one for each of the two paddock ramps; I did one already and I’m leaving the other for when Jae isn’t here because that makes it easier to ensure nobody steps on the surfaces when they’re still tacky.  I’m getting it done just in time; the weather forecast shows we’re leaving the summer dry spell and heading back into normal levels of rainfall.  And with any luck, the money and effort expended on this treatment will eliminate some of the problems associated with the rainy season and enable us to fully enjoy the atrium (and use Grace’s shop).

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