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Offense archeology is never going to stop while it has the desired effect, which is the Establishment ostracizing the target.  We all have skeletons in our closets, and the modern world has made it easier than ever before to exhume those skeletons and drag them out into the public square for all to see; when a person is doxxed for some unpopular view, embarassing behavior, etc, they often get fired, expelled from their social or professional groups, or even persecuted by state actors.  That is power, and the craving for power is especially strong in those who have none, such as young people who have been denied control over their own lives and even encouraged to relinquish control over their own thoughts, emotions, and opinions.  The only way this will stop is for the powerful to stop giving them what they want by instantly firing, expelling, or otherwise inflicting harsh consequences on the doxxed person.  Of course, that will merely result in the powerless finding some new avenue of power in order to reclaim the feeling of control they lack in their own lives, so in the long run, the only way around this is to allow all individuals power over their own lives, and decrease that they have over others’ lives, individually or collectively.  Power begets the lust for power, and that lust is the most dangerous of all perversions.

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