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Diary #689

One thing I do not have is a green thumb.  I’m not one of those people who could kill a cactus, but I would also never attempt to raise any plant that requires more than sunlight and water.  So when one of my favorite gents gave me some tomato plants, I was not hopeful I’d be able to get them to produce any tomatoes.  Well, as it turns out, I was wrong.  Oh, it looked for a few weeks as though I was right; we planted them in an old trough to protect them from the gophers, and I watered them every day, but they just weren’t growing at all.  So I decided that maybe what they needed was fertilizer; I therefore collected a couple of spadesfull of pony poop from the north paddock, dumped it into the planter, spread it around more or less evenly, and watered the plants every day when I fed Cicero, and BOOM!  Within a week they were shooting up, and several months later we have tomatoes.  There are several diffrent varieties here; the cherry tomatoes are well on their way to ripe, and the larger varieties are still green, but growing nicely.  When they get jut a bit more ripe, I’m going to pick one to make fried green tomatoes, and if the cold comes before they turn red I may have to do that with all of them.  Grace loves snacking on the cherry tomatoes, so those will probably get eaten plain.  And the rest will go well for hamburgers and (sliced very thin) grilled cheese sandwiches.  And maybe next year I’ll get more adventurous and try my hand at homemade salsa.

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