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Annex 122

I’m really pleased with how well the Durabak works on wooden surfaces.  It goes on quickly, and if the air is warm and humid it dries very quickly.  By the time I got to the bottom of the ramp, about half an hour after starting, the top was nearly ready for the second coat; I could see that I’d have plenty left, so I went ahead and did the lower deck (between the house and the hot tub), then returned to do the second coat here; I had just exactly enough for a second coat on the lower deck.  The ramp on the southeast side is both longer and wider, so I barely had any left when I was done with it; still, the stuff is much too expensive to waste even a little, so I swept off the inside ramp well, gave it a quick wipedown with xylene, and gave that ramp a third coat (the first two coats were the dregs of the cans I used to do the bathroom).  Yesterday, today, and tomorrow the weather forecast is for dry and warmish, so I’m getting the shop roof done, and that’ll be the last of the weatherproofing for the season; Jae is close to getting the decor finished as well, so it shouldn’t be too much longer before I can call the annex project officially done at last, about three and a half years after starting.

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