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I pity the man who can travel from Dan to Beersheba, and cry, ‘Tis all barren–and so it is; and so is all the world to him who will not cultivate the fruits it offers.  –  Laurence Sterne

Desiree 2013I’m in Las Vegas this week, at the Desiree Alliance convention.  Desiree is an organization of sex workers, academics and other allies; I really wish it were a lot more politically active than it is (like the sex worker organizations in India and Southeast Asia, for example), but because so many people attend this will be a great opportunity for me to rub elbows, press flesh, network, get face time, hobnob, mingle, socialize and otherwise associate with other people in the movement, including some of my readers.  Even the drive here was rather nice; my husband was headed to California anyhow, so we drove together to Vegas and he rented another car for the last leg.  As usual, I’ve already got all my columns posted for the week, but if I’m slow to moderate or answer comments, now you know why.  Of course, I still have to work on this week’s TW3 column while I’m here, but since I didn’t volunteer for anything I should still have a bit of work time and the column should appear as normal on Saturday morning (that’s the plan, anyway).  I plan to be home Sunday night, and a week from today I’ll tell you about what I did and saw and all.  Send me your prayers, thoughts, wishes or whatever for a good and safe trip!

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