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This…is just encouraging [prohibitionists] to bury us in paperwork that won’t accomplish anything.  –  an adult site webmaster

R.I.P. Shane Petzer

Shane Petzer, co-founder of the Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT), has died following a sudden heart attack.  Petzer was renowned for his advocacy of sex work in South Africa…Dr. Gordon Isaacs…also a co-founder of SWEAT…became acquainted with Petzer during the 1983 AIDS pandemic…Petzer…[w]as a male sex worker…[who] attend[ed] the first international sex worker conference in Japan…[which] inspired him to start…SWEAT…in 1996 after Petzer [met]…Ilsa Pauw[, an academic studying]…violence against female sex workers in Cape Town. Together with Pauw, Isaacs and a group of other people, SWEAT began its fight for the protection of sex workers…As a man having lived healthily with HIV for 20 years, [Petzer] also advocated for the universal treatment of people living with HIV…

To Molest and Rape

Another sexual predator specifically targeted a traumatized woman:

A Toronto [cop] who [was dispatched] to a woman’s [domestic violence] call…returned to…he[r]…home the next day and sexually assaulted her…Conal Quinn [was charged] with sexual assault and breach of trust following [the] March 21, 2021…assault [and rewarded with a paid vacation]…

Sexcrime (#911)

Respite from UK porn censorship lasted less than three years:

U.K. media [censor] Ofcom…[has] issued “new guidance” for video-sharing platform providers regarding what the government considers “measures to protect users from harmful material”…the…“guidance”…applies to U.K.-based platforms such as OnlyFans, PocketStars, TikTok, Snapchat, Vimeo and Twitch…and…includes…“protecting…users” from “material inciting violence or hatred…terrorism; child sexual abuse material; and racism and xenophobia”…[but the fine print attempts to restore a ban on “]material which has been deemed, or would likely be deemed, unsuitable for classification (such as sadistic violence or torture)[” which was struck down in February 2019]…the “Guidance” is described as “not a set of compulsory steps” but merely as “intended to help guide providers in deciding how best to comply with the statutory requirements”…[but] also [resurrects the requirement for]…”strict age-verification processes” [which was essentially abandoned as unworkable two years ago this month]…

Pyrrhic Victory (#1008) 

European politicians consider talking about taking a baby step in the right direction:

The European Parliament has called for…a ban on law enforcement’s use of facial recognition, as well as other surveillance tools commonly used in the course of [so-called] predictive policing…[cop shops] would be prohibited from conducting biometric surveillance in public spaces—and a moratorium would be placed on tech that scoops up personal data via stuff like “gait, fingerprints, DNA, voice, and other biometric and behavioural signals.”  The measure also suggests the banning of facial recognition databases operated by private companies—a stipulation that would seriously hamper companies like dystopian creepster Clearview AI from operating within the EU’s borders…Yet while that all sounds pretty good, Parliament’s measure is non-binding…

I Spy (#1082)

Curiosity offends the state, comrade:

The U.S. government is secretly ordering Google to provide data on anyone typing in certain search terms…such “keyword warrants” threaten to implicate innocent Web users in serious crimes…[including “sex] trafficking[“]…racketeering…[and] fraud…search term orders are effectively fishing expeditions, hoping to ensnare possible suspects whose identities the government does not know.  It’s not dissimilar to so-called geofence warrants, where [cops demand] Google…provide information on anyone within [a certain distance of some] location [labeled] a crime scene at a given time…Google is continuing to comply with such controversial requests, despite concerns over their legality and the potential to implicate innocent people…Jennifer Granick, surveillance and cybersecurity counsel at…ACLU…[said] “This never-before-possible technique threatens First Amendment interests and will inevitably sweep up innocent people, especially if the keyword terms are not unique and the time frame not precise. To make matters worse, police are currently doing this in secret, which [hides] the practice from public debate and regulation.”

The Next Target (#1130)

This elaborate concern kabuki is the direct result of “sex trafficking” propaganda:

XBIZ has been able to review a suggested “Report Abuse” compliance form that is part of compliance packages that several major industry sites have received with instructions to customize before October 15 in order to continue processing credit card transactions.  The form features a checklist of clickable boxes that anyone visiting an adult site is encouraged to use to report what they [claim] to be…“underage material,” “copyright/trademark infringement”…“prostitution or trafficking,” “weapons,” “drugs” and “other”…[one] webmaster said…“They want us to put a link to this [checklist] in all the footers on every page…which is then [copied] directly to Mastercard.”  The webmaster pointed out that both ruthless competitors and crusading anti-porn activists are likely to flood the system with bogus complaints…The webmaster also noted that the form essentially forces all adult sites to add the words “underage material,” “prostitution or trafficking,” “weapons” and “drugs” to their metadata, which then puts them at risk of AI shadowbans or even state surveillance…

Stalkers in Blue (#1140)

A whole gang of sexual predators specifically targeting traumatized women:

A woman who[se] picture…[was taken without her consent while cops abducted her from a] Sarah Everard vigil [that the cops had tried to prevent w]as [harassed by] “about 50” [cops]…via a dating app, leaving her “terrified”.  Patsy Stevenson…said they knew she was “fearful of police” and had done it “for a reason”…Hundreds attended the vigil…in south London fo[r]…Ms Everard, who was [raped and] murdered by [typical and representative cop] Wayne Couzens after he abducted her while she was walking home…[even though cops tried to] cancel…[the event by claiming]…it w[as] illegal under lockdown restrictions…[just as Couzens himself had used those same tyrannical diktats to intimidate his victim into submitting to abduction]…the “sombre atmosphere… turned very scary very quickly” after police started t[errorizing] the crowd…[Stevenson] has since launched legal action against the Met Police over the arrest

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Bathhouse 48

Early last week, we got the last of the five support beams for the western roof section in place, after which it was time to cut off the overlong portions so everything could be welded into place.  Grace taught me to use the plasma cutter, which was actually quite easy when I was working downward on a section of tubing placed neatly before me while I was seated comfortably with my feet on the ground.  But working above my head or in front of my face at the very top of that ladder without adequate space to move the torch freely was quite another matter; because of the narrow space I couldn’t always keep the plasma stream perpendicular to the surface of the metal, resulting in sloppy cuts that didn’t always penetrate all the way through.  The first beam was the worst; I even managed to give myself a rather painful burn on my left wrist just past the end of the sleeve of my overshirt.  But once I got that one done, the second was a lot easier and the third was almost as easy as if it were on the work table.  Though you can’t really see from the previous pictures, it looks a lot neater now than it did before, and it will look neater still after it’s welded into place (after the cee purlins are all welded in place, which was interrupted this week by rain).  Soon we’ll actually have a roof in this section, then once we’ve done the southwest section the hot tub will be completely covered; the northwest section will be more complicated, but once it’s finished we’ll be able to get to Chekhov’s cottage without getting rained on.

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Diary #589

We still have a way to go to finish the bathhouse, but once that awful awning was down and the GFCI panel was wired up, there was nothing to stop us using the hot tub.  So last week I filled it up and brought it up to temperature, and on Wednesday I enjoyed it for the first time, while playing music through a Sonos one of my gents bought for me (which currently resides in the wellhouse, though it will be more out in the open once the roof is complete).  It was just so awesome and relaxing and just plain nice that I’m even more excited about getting it all finished so I don’t have the break from perfection caused by having to walk through cold air to the back door when I emerge.  The control panel is not at all intuitive, but another of my gents owns a spa business and was able to talk me through the controls, so I’m beginning to get the hang of it.  Now I can’t wait for the opportunity to have several of my friends over, because if I can’t have a bunch of naked women hanging out in my hot tub while stoned, what is even the point of being a hooker with a hot tub in the first place?

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I’ll fuck you up, son.  –  John Jackson.

On Friday Liz Brown tweeted that someone had sent her the lyrics to this song with “Elvis” replaced with “sex trafficking”, but she appeared to be unfamiliar with the original song so naturally I shared the video, and it got so many likes and retweets I figured I should share it here as well.  The links above it were provided by Boatfloating, Dan Savage, Scott Hechinger, Radley Balko, Cop Crisis, and Dave Krueger, in that order.

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Bathhouse 47

It rained every day last week except Friday and Saturday, so on the day you were reading my last bathhouse column we took advantage of the dry weather to get two more beams up.  That sloppy-looking arrangement at the peak is (as I hope is obvious) temporary; once the last two beams are in place, the ends at the center will be cut to fit and everything welded up solidly.  After that, the cee purlins will be welded into place, then finally the panels for the west side of the roof.  And that will put at least a partial roof over the hot tub, which will become a full roof once we complete the southwest section.

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Diary #588

Cicero is now officially a biggie piggie; as of last Friday he lives outside full-time.  I had planned on October 1st as the date for some time, then in the last few days of September he confirmed that decision by figuring out how to get out of his pen in the morning whether we let him out or not.  He’s up to about 60#, and we’ve been letting him run around outside from early in the morning until about dinnertime for the past month anyhow; the only thing that’s changed is he gets his dinner outside now and sleeps where he likes, which seems to mostly be up on the bathhouse deck or on the dog’s bed in the shop.  He didn’t even cry or try to get inside the first night, and let me tell you, I find him a lot cuter now that I don’t have to clean up after him twice a day.  He likes to follow us around like a puppy; this was taken from inside the chicken yard, because he tends to follow me there when I go to feed them, and will circle the outside trying to figure out how to get in to eat their scratch corn.  Other times he forages near Shiloh and Jonathan out in the paddock, or hangs out with them in the barn.  He also likes to nap on the deck near the hot tub when it’s running; I reckon he likes the sound of the water.  All in all he seems a happy, contented animal, and the transition to outside couldn’t have been smoother.

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October Country, that country where it is always turning late in the year.  That country where the hills are fog and the rivers are mist; where noons go quickly, dusks and twilights linger, and midnights stay. That country composed in the main of cellars, sub-cellars, coal-bins, closets, attics, and pantries faced away from the sun. That country whose people are autumn people, thinking only autumn thoughts. Whose people passing at night on the empty walks sound like rain…  –  Ray Bradbury

My 2011 essay “Moondance” was mostly an examination of the psychological and philosophical consequences of modern people’s disconnection with nature, but it also included the following:

October usually enjoys a particular sort of cool weather, a crisp breeziness quite unlike that one might experience on an early spring day or a comparatively warm winter one; this is October Weather, my name for that special atmospheric condition I associate with turning leaves and the imminent arrival of my birthday. In New Orleans I was often cheated of it…but when [it] did arrive I was filled with a sort of wild, witchy joy; I wanted to stay out late, to suck the fragrant air into my lungs and fly through the night under the harvest moon with my hair streaming behind me. As a young teen I often sneaked out in the middle of the night to enjoy such weather, and after I arrived at UNO I would wander about the campus on such evenings or ride my bicycle to midnight movies…And though as I age my reaction to October Weather isn’t nearly as strong as it was in my teens and twenties, on clear, cool October nights I still feel the urge to go out and dance in the dry leaves under the moon.

I’m now a decade further from those days than I was when I penned those lines, and my days of dancing under the moon are long gone; each October takes me still further, and now my reaction to October weather is less euphoria and more blessed relief from the discomfort and anxiety produced by the excessive light and heat of summer.  October is more than just my native month; it is my native country, and the time in which I have always been most at peace and (paradoxically for a time associated with haunts, dying vegetation and the dying year) felt most alive.  I’ve always had a taste for the weird and macabre, for spooky tales and shadow-shows, for rain and dry leaves and pumpkins, for black cats and the imagery of wild woods, sunless seas, and catacombs; I was “Goth” long before either the term or the subculture existed.  So it should be no surprise to anyone that I gravitated first toward a profession associated with musty books, and later toward one associated with the night, nor that as I aged I moved my habitation westward (the direction historically associated with death) to finally settle in the region of this continent with the least sunlight and the most rain.  These days, I mostly celebrate this Month of Months with the watching of horror movies, culminating in my birthday; if you’d like to help me celebrate by sending a token of your esteem, I’d very much welcome that.  And as you’ve probably already guessed, many of the selections are very much in keeping with the season.

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Bathhouse 46

At long last, we have an operational hot tub! Week before last my electrician wired up the GFCI panel, then early last week I took advantage of a warm last day of summer to drain the rainwater accumulation out the tub; those who have been paying close attention may remember that the French drain starts immediately beside the tub, so all we need to do is pump the water out and the drain carries it away.  After that I cleaned out all the dust, dead bugs and other detritus, then filled it again for a test run to clean out the system; next, we drained it and refilled it, and it’s ready to go!  Of course, it’ll be much nicer when there’s a roof above it, but that’s on the way too; even before we get everything closed up nicely, the autumn here is mild enough that we’ll still probably get some enjoyment out of it even before it’s properly enclosed.

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Diary #587

Now that I’m semi-retired and living full-time at Sunset, I schedule all of my appointments (professional, medical, beauty, etc) during the same two-day period every three weeks, so I don’t have to drive into Seattle more than is necessary; of course there are occasional exceptions (such as for all-night appointments and the like), but in general I’ve been able to keep things clustered closely together.  And on most visits, Lorelei and I can synchronize our schedules enough for a Who night.  TV and movie watching are social experiences for me; I rarely watch anything longer than a music video unless I’m in the company of someone I can discuss them with during or after, and if I happen to love my viewing companion it’s even better!  That’s why I still get excited about Who night with Lorelei despite the fact that I’m watching nearly every night with Grace; watching with a different person creates a different experience for me, and the different intoxicants (edibles at home with Grace and a sonic screwdriver when watching at Lorelei’s) probably make a difference as well.

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Bathhouse 45

It wasn’t easy, but we finally got the longest of the steel beams up and into place. Originally, Grace just wanted me to drill a hole to receive the bolt at the end of the beam, but once I got up there I realized it would be much to difficult to place accurately without the beam itself in place. But we were apparently done with the rain for the day, so Chekhov and I laboriously wrestled it up and into position by a series of back-and-forth maneuvers until finally we were close enough for me to drill the receiving hole, then we clamped the top into its rough position. Grace now has to fabricate a bracket to strengthen the structure, and once this one is permanently installed we can move on to the other two, which should be much easier because they’re both shorter and lighter. Actually, this wasn’t the heaviest of the beams; the back roof header was about 10 or 15% longer. But once we got one end of that one onto the roof, most of the work was done; by contrast, once we reached the same point with this one, there was still more wrangling to get the other end to the tip-top. All in all, this should be the most difficult one, which is a good thing because I really do want to get at least one roof section done before the rains return, and I’m beginning to have some hope that we can accomplish it.

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