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America has no functioning democracy.  –  Jimmy Carter

As I explained in Tuesday’s column, I was at the Desiree Alliance convention this week; everything but these weekend columns was already scheduled, and considering how busy I was I hope y’all will forgive me for the uncharacteristic brevity of these features.  It wasn’t lack of time which caused yesterday’s column to go up in incomplete form, however; there was a sudden and severe thunderstorm in Las Vegas which knocked out the hotel’s internet access, so I couldn’t put the finishing touches on it until last night in a different hotel (on my way home).  The top contributor was Radley Balko, with the first video and everything above it; the second video was provided by Amy Alkon, and the links between the videos by Walter Olson (“mice”), Mike Siegel (“bad news”),  Kevin Wilson (“vegetarians”), and Jesse Walker (“map”).  The epigram comes to us via Glenn Greenwald.

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