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Despite all the rhetoric, when detailed studies are made that explore the actual empirical evidence, suspicions about the dangers of cats are revealed time after time to have little basis in reality.  –  David Nutt

I’m sorry if I’ve been slow to answer correspondence lately; my husband got home Tuesday and we’ve been working all day, every day since Friday on rebuilding the terrace in our new house (long story short:  the combination of a design flaw, overly-optimistic assumptions and the financial crash of 2008 resulted its being ruined).  But after Wednesday, it should be all done and I really hope we don’t have any more issues.  Our top contributor this week was Radley Balko, with all of the links down to the first video; both of them this week are ones I found a while back, but for some reason never featured. The links between the videos were provided by my cat (“catflakes”), Nun Ya (“cat ban” and “soccer”), Jesse Walker (“chimps” and “journalists”), EconJeff (“place names”), and Wendy Lyon (“Sweden”).

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