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The doctors told the amputee he might experience a phantom limb from time to time.  Nobody prepared him for the moment, though, when he felt cold fingers brush across his phantom hand.

After three weeks, things are back to normal around here; however, I’m still scrambling to catch back up, so I hope you’ll forgive me for keeping this brief so I can get started on Tuesday’s column (yes, I’m THAT behind).  Our top contributor was Radley Balko, with everything down to the first video; that was provided by Laura Lee, and the second one is a parody of it.  The links between them were supplied by Tracy Quan (“sexting”), Harlot’s Parlour (“annoying”), I Am Curious Blue (“memories”), Stacey Swimme (“marijuana”), Carol Fenton  (“never call cops”), Kevin Wilson (“vodka”), and Mike Riggs (“guilty”).

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