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Bathhouse 34

We actually have been working on the project, but it’s all cutting pieces of metal tubing to length, making butt plates to attach metal to wood, and other such things; we also lost Saturday to Monday because in my opinion as the property owner and general contractor, it was far too hot to work outside (temperatures reached a record-setting 41o C on Sunday and only a few degrees lower Saturday and Monday, and none of us are as young as we once were).  However, we got back to work on Tuesday, so there will be something for show and tell next week.  In the meantime, there’s very little point in giving you a picture of a bunch of steel plates and rectangular tubing, so instead I’m going to share a video of a song that kept going through my head last year every time I worked on the rooves of the cottages, and will no doubt do the same while I’m working on the main roof this summer.  With any luck, this year will be its last opportunity to do so for the rest of my life, because I really could do without having to climb up on any more rooves in this lifetime.

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