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Bathhouse 38

This is the first shot which may give you some idea of what the roof framework will look like.  We’ve now extended the two central posts to their full height, and there will also be a post attached to the wooden upright at lower left.  These will support steel beams going across to the header beam on the house roof, and to the beam above the shop roof; the cee purlins will be welded to these to support the steel roof panels.  At every place where the bathhouse roof overlaps one of the four rooves forming the square, there will be a channel to carry away rainwater, sealed with waterproofing compound to prevent leakage between the structures.  Once the western portion is done, we’ll move on to the eastern part stretching to the guest cottage in the background of this picture; that section will feature some transparent panels to let sunlight in.  If you’re still having trouble picturing it, don’t worry; the lightbulb only fully went on for me a few weeks ago, and I’ve been living with the project for over a year now.  But I trust Grace’s design ability, even when I can’t quite see how it will fit together.  And soon, you won’t even have to use your imagination.

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