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Bathhouse 36

When Grace told me she wanted to fabricate the steel header to support the west side of the roof all in one piece and then lift it into place, I can’t say I was sanguine about it; it was a labor to carry a single 3-meter length of tubing at waist level, and here she was telling me that we were going to lift a single 8-meter length into place on the roof.  But she welded it up on Tuesday, and on Wednesday Chekhov and I lifted it into place.  It was a lot easier than I expected; we used jackstands, heavy-duty saw horses, and the wooden railings beside the hot tub to maneuver the beam back and forth, taking advantage of leverage to raise it to the top of two ladders.  The last move, from laddertops to rooftop, was actually the hardest because there wasn’t a good enough fulcrum to make the lift easier; however, it was also a fairly short distance, and once it was in place it wasn’t difficult to get it centered and placed behind the brackets.  The tubing lying along the hot tub is going to be an upright; you can just see the bottom of another one leaning roughly in place near the mat.  In the next couple of days those uprights will be installed, and we plan to make the first connection between the roof structure and shop; there will also be some uprights along the north edge of the deck.  It’s going more slowly than I like, but it’s going; pretty soon I’ll need to be up on the damned roof again, and I sincerely hope after this one there won’t be any further roof-building in my future.

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