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Bathhouse 35

Last weekend we pulled Grace’s welder up onto the deck, where it will remain (covered with a tarp when not in use to protect it from mist or drizzle) while we work on the steel framework that will support the roof.  Chekhov and I put five steel uprights in place on Saturday, attached via heavy lag bolts that go all the way through the boards you can see in this picture, then through the sheet metal into wooden uprights inside the shop building.  Two of these uprights, out of frame to the left, won’t be used until we get to the eastern section of the roof, but the other three are going to be tied together by a crossbeam Grace fabricated on Sunday that Chekhov and I hauled up and clamped into place.  After it’s welded in place, we’ll cut off the upper sections of the two uprights that project above it, and later cee purlins will bridge the gap from that transverse member to the ones running along the house roofline (supported by brackets you can see in the picture) and across from the uprights visible in update #32, which still need to be extended upward to the full height of the roof peak.  Don’t feel dumb if you can’t visualize it yet; I’m still having trouble myself, though I trust Grace’s design ability and it’s beginning to make more sense as things are put in place.

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