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Diary #575

Last weekend a record-breaking heat wave hit the Pacific Northwest; on Sunday the 27th temperatures topped 43o C at Sunset, and as if that wasn’t bad enough the power suddenly went out at about 1 PM and wasn’t restored until 8:30.  Since the gas company still hasn’t bothered to show up to connect our new propane tank, our fancy new standby generator was completely useless, and about 4:15 our old one (which was never really big enough for the job) overheated and caught fire.  At this point I would usually have had a complete meltdown and called the gas company screaming, but since it was a Sunday that option was closed.  I therefore summoned my reserves of calm and thought about what needed to be done to keep Grace from getting overheated; I decided we’d drive to town (where the power wasn’t out) and eat in an air-conditioned restaurant, then take our time getting back in hopes of minimizing our exposure to the heat.  That all went fine, and the very next day I changed gas companies; our new tank should be installed in the next few weeks, with any luck before the next power outage.  And this past weekend was so chilly I could barely believe it’s July.

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