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Levels of Support

Most of y’all have probably noticed the new postscript following most of my columns:

I find paywalls distasteful, and so many people find this blog valuable as a resource I just can’t bring myself to install one.  Furthermore, I find ad delivery services (whose content I have no say over) even more distasteful.  But as I’m now semi-retired from sex work, I can’t self-sponsor this blog by myself any longer.  So if you value my writing enough that you would pay to see it if it were paywalled, please consider subscribing; there are four different levels to fit all budgets.  Or if that doesn’t work for you, please consider showing your generosity with a one-time donation; you can Paypal to maggiemcneill@earthlink.net or else email me at the same address to make other arrangements.  Thanks so very much!

The four levels spoken of in that paragraph are visible in the right-hand margin under “Become a Blog Patron”; 10¢/day takes the form of an annual payment of $36.50; 25¢/day takes the form of monthly payment of $7.75; 50¢/day takes the form of monthly payment of $15.50; and $1/day takes the form of monthly payment of $31.00.  But as two gentlemen pointed out (though not quite in these words), there’s a fairly wide gap between my highest subscription rate and my lowest “arrangement” rate of $400/month.  And since such a gap is rather irritating to my OCD, I’ve decided to create two new categories to bridge that gap, $70/month and $165/month.  I’m not going to do these via PayPal buttons like the subscriptions, because they’re a new status, more than a reader but not quite a client; I’m also not going to rigidly define the privileges of those higher tiers, because everybody is different so I want to keep it flexible (but think phone and text based rather than in-person).  So if you think you’d like to support my work at higher than a regular subscription level, and would enjoy regular social interaction with me, but don’t live near enough for us to regularly meet in person, just use this link to email me and we’ll custom-design an arrangement to fit your needs and preferences.  And you don’t even need references or screening!

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