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Annex 86

This picture was taken from the north side of the addition, looking toward the ramp; if you look closely you can see the slope of the ramp, and below it just a glimpse of the side of the hot tub.  It may not look like much, but it’s a section of the plumbing that makes a bathroom functional, and the bathroom in question is the new one in my addition.  Grace is competent to do supply-side plumbing, but septic-side plumbing requires a professional; fortunately I met one who was happy to do it for me as a personal favor, provided I assisted him.  So I spent all afternoon Saturday doing just that, a job which involved a lot of holding things, fetching things, drilling holes to admit pipes, and generally being down in the basement.  I actually found it rather interesting; I like learning about how things work, and I never fully realized how complex the venting for this kind of plumbing can be.  I was also rather impressed with the cleverness of the way my plumber got three vents (shower, toilet, and lavatory) to all come together in one chimney.  While he worked, we discussed the bathroom project as a whole, and he gave me lots of good advice which, after conferring with Grace, we’re going to take in order to make the project not only simpler and better, but actually less costly!  You’ll see it developing over the coming weeks, and I’m rather excited to share it with you.  And yes, guys, I’m going to wrap the supply pipes; I just wanted to show you more detail than a mass of insulation.

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