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Diary #643

One of the things I like about living on the Olympic peninsula is that the seasons are generally well-behaved and arrive and depart on schedule.  But this year has been an exception; last winter arrived a month early and overstayed its welcome by a month, and now summer has finally departed after hanging around for a month longer than it was supposed to.  On Friday we finally got some proper autumn weather, then on Saturday it turned decidedly cold so I decided it was time to put up the shutters.  Unfortunately, Jae has been recovering from foot surgery and thus has fallen behind on her contributions, one of them being painting the aforementioned shutters.  But she did one side on Sunday and the other yesterday, and I’m going to get them up this week as soon as I have help (it’s a two-person job); that’ll keep the winter winds out until we take them down again in early spring.  The atrium will still be distinctly chilly until we get the wood-burning stove in, but even before then it’ll be a lot better than the ice hazard it turned into last winter.


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