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Annex 85

Our plumber is coming to hook up the septic-side plumbing tomorrow, so I preferred to hold off doing anything more in the shower until that’s done.  It’s not like I didn’t have lots else to do!  Before I could close up the bathroom walls, I had to wire the electrical outlets, and since I was doing that already I went ahead and wired up the lights as well, and ran the feed cable back to the utility room so we can connect it to the breaker box.  That of course meant I had to build the wall to put the switch box into; I left the other side of the doorway unfinished so we can more easily get the cement mixer in to do the shower.  The toilet was a great find; $35 at an architectural salvage store, and in perfect condition.  Plus, it was made in the mid-80s, so it’s a full-flush model as I wanted.  I also found a beautiful vanity top for only $25, but it’s not in this picture.  You’ll notice it’s on a pedestal; I did it that way to make it a better height for Grace, whose knees are very bad.  The base is made of two layers of subfloor OSB, a layer of half-inch thick plywood, and several short pieces of 4×4; I glued and clamped the plywood layers together, cut the resulting slab to fit, cut a large hole for the outflow pipe to pass through, then surrounded the opening with a square of 4×4 pieces.  It’s not bolted down right now because I figure the plumber may need it loose, yet it’s still as sturdy as if it were bolted in place.  I’m really rather proud of myself; it was a good design and it came out as I intended.  And I think we’re on track for getting the bathroom functional by Thanksgiving.

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