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Annex 87

Gas-powered tankless heaters need to be vented outside the house, so we bought a model which could be entirely installed outside.  And the best place to install it was on the north porch, where it can be outside and yet protected from the elements.  You may notice the gas line hasn’t yet been hooked up; unless something goes wrong, the propane service guy is supposed to be here to hook it up today.  And once everything has been pressure-tested and proven sound, we’re going to wrap the pipes (these are the same lines visible in last week’s photo of the plumbing in the basement); I hope to also get skirting in place along the basement’s northern exposure, because even though it rarely gets cold enough here to actually endanger the pipes, it would be rather stupid to let the water in the pipes lose heat on its way to the shower (or the heater, for that matter).  In the past week we’ve also hooked up the plumbing in the shower, and we’re getting ready to lay the mortar bed pretty soon; I probably bought more bags than I need, but there was nothing on the bags about how much volume of finished mortar each bag yields, so I’d rather have to return some than run out in the middle of the project.

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