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This is basically true, but those guys were mostly not “incels”; they had the sense to occasionally avail themselves of the services of the local widow who provided attention at rates they could afford (in my home town, she was known as “Rose Marie” and everyone including the cops left her in peace).  This was done on their “night out” or when “going to town”.  Modern “incels” foolishly reject such services because they’ve infected each other with stupid prohibitionist notions, as cult members are wont to do.  Modern people are deeply in denial about how common sexwork has been throughout human history.  In the 19th century, nearly all men paid at least occasionally; even in 1948 Kinsey reported 70% of men had paid at least once.  The idea of sex work being a “crime”, pathology or abberation dates to the early 20th century, but didn’t become common in the general public until the ’80s; projecting these reality-denying modern notions back into history generates absurdities like the idea that men just voluntarily went without sex when it was available for a price they could at least occasionally afford.


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