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The Sin of Waste

Consider the massive waste on display here.  Money was spent on all of these stolen items, and money was spent to pay goons to steal it.  This picture was taken by an employee who was on the clock.  And the same happens at every airport in the US, every week.  The one concept of sinful behavior which the nuns successfully planted in my unconscious brain is that wasting resources, especially resources which could’ve been used to help the needy, is a serious sin; many of my generation joke about the phrase we heard so often, “There are children starving in {some famine-stricken country} who would be glad to eat that!”, but the amount of waste any individual person can achieve recedes into utter insignificance beside the scale of pointless, stupid waste perpetrated by government, especially the US government, as the volume of a toilet bowl compares to that of the solar system.  My reaction to a picture like this is like that of a prohibitionist seeing a porn pic, only without the hypocritical secret masturbation and demands for more government violence against peaceful citizens; I find it shocking, appalling, disgusting, and an argument for minimizing the size and power of government in and of itself.
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