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Diary #518

Last week was such a busy one, I actually need a few days in Seattle to catch up on my writing.  Most of my time was spent marking out locations for posts (for my bathhouse), drilling post holes, then leveling and squaring each post before setting it in place with concrete (remember the cement mixer?)  But in addition to that, I worked on trim; cleaned up branches pruned from the apple tree closest to the house; helped Jae clean a big rug; gave three different phone interviews; and probably a dozen other things I’m forgetting.  And that’s all despite being handicapped by no fewer than five broken nails.  That situation is being fixed today; though my regular salon called to cancel my appointment because the government’s unrealistic (her word) requirements for re-opening couldn’t be accomplished in time.  Fortunately, the county in which Sunset lies had a head start, and I was able to secure a late afternoon appointment today; it’ll be good to once again be able to touch my hair or anything made of fabric without my weak, peeling nails snagging in them.  And then I’m off to Seattle for the aforementioned writing break, before returning to Sunset on Thursday to prepare for the next stage of construction.

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