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Bathhouse 3

This was the view from my back door two weeks ago today; we really worked hard that week and as a result 52 posts are now in place.  We also squared the position of the hot tub and dug up the existing water line in preparation for replacing it.  There was no easy way to tell the pipe’s course, so I had to dig with a hand trowel from the point it left the wellhouse until the t-joint where the water line to the henhouse splits off.  Once the new water line is done, we needn’t worry about accidentally drilling into the old one while excavating post holes in that area.  While I was in Seattle last week, Grace got everything ready for leveling the tub, then this week, it was putting down plastic sheeting and spreading gravel on it; yesterday we started on Chekhov’s cottage.  And I can’t tell you how satisfying it is that we’re moving so quickly.

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