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Bathhouse 2

Once the hot tub was in place, construction of the bathhouse annex could begin.  The first step, which we started on Monday of last week, was to set posts in concrete over the entire footprint of the structure.  Here you can see the result of the first two days’ work; some of it may not be obvious, like the removal of a large hollow limb from the apple tree in the background (you can see it on the ground behind the tree).  Every day last week we set eight more posts; you’ll see a picture of that next week.  The area to the left is where the new shower is going to be; the line of posts heading toward the tree is the center line of supports for Chekhov’s cottage.  The posts which currently support a rather shoddy little porch roof will be cut off at the same height as the others to support the deck, and the existing wellhouse (barely in the picture at right, and more clearly visible in last week’s entry) will be modified into a utility room within the structure (including the breaker box for the cottages).  I’m sure it will become a lot clearer as the project progresses, at which point Orville will no longer be allowed inside it.

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