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Diary #522

We spent the past week working on Chekhov’s cottage;  yeah, the bathhouse posts are a little behind, because I knew there would be a lot of fiddly bits that wouldn’t really show in photos that well (and they look like they’ll be catching up pretty soon).  Anyhow, last week we did the floors and doors, then over the weekend we shingled the roof; as I said last week, I’m not especially fond of roofing, and I was even less fond of this one than of the metal ones I’ve mostly done in the past, both because it was multiple stages (boards, underlayment, shingles) and because the roof, designed for Baltic winters, is much steeper than what I’m used to.  So while I usually just use the safety harness as a precaution, this time I could barely move around the roof without it.  But we finished yesterday, and my back is mighty glad of it.  This isn’t to say it was a total slog; on Saturday I even took a short break to socialize with a tiny visitor to the construction site.

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