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Diary #521

Last Wednesday we did the roof of Chekhov’s cottage, which is to say he handed the boards up and I screwed them in place with my trusty cordless Hitachi power drill.  I’m going to need to go up there again this week to do the shingles (and you’ll see those pictures in the Bathhouse column, eventually).  I’m not exactly fond of doing rooves, but since we first moved to Oklahoma I keep getting elected to do them because I’m the smallest and lightest.  So, I’m actually kind of an old hand at it now, and I’ll try to get some good pictures when we do the bathhouse roof.  But the really good news from last week is that I was able to get my hair and nails done Saturday!  My own nails seem to have mostly recovered from the weeks of being unprotected by a layer of acrylic, because they’ve finally stopped hurting and I can use them normally again, without having to worry about breaking them or snagging them in my hair or clothes.  And now that we’re in the most anxiety-inducing part of the summer, I need all the help I can get to keep my nerves in order.

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