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Diary #519

The last time I had my nails professionally done before everything started closing down was March 3rd; I was due to have them done again on March 23rd, but of course that didn’t happen.  By the first week of May they were a mess, and my friend Winnie did them for me; unfortunately she’s not a professional and lacks the proper equipment, so after about a week I started breaking nails again.  So it was a huge relief to have them done last Monday; now I can use my hands with my typical dexterity again instead of fumbling with a bunch of broken, soft nails alternating with awkwardly-overlong ones.  It was also a relief to get a proper pedicure again!  The day before I returned to Sunset from Seattle, my hairdresser called to set up an appointment, then on Friday my regular nail salon called to do the same; I have them both set up for Saturday the 20th.  I’ve been really able to get a lot of long-overdue care done on my house this spring; it’ll be great to get all my self-care on that same track.

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