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Annex 4

The first week of this month I was in Seattle, but that Thursday Chekhov called me to let me know that he’d received word the second cottage would be shipped soon.  Since the kit takes about two weeks in transit and we only have room for one at a time in the garage, that necessitated speeding up the timetable a bit.  When I arrived back at Sunset on Friday the 5th, we removed all the temporary horizontal braces and put down plastic sheeting, then on Saturday we shoveled gravel over the entire northern half of the bathhouse foundation (where Chekhov’s cottage needs to go).  Some of y’all may notice that there are two kinds of gravel in this picture; that’s because we had a little left over from a previous project, so we used that first.  Then the next day we started cutting all the posts to the same height in preparation for the joists; next week I’ll share a picture of the completed foundation!

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