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Bathhouse 72

I didn’t hate the top of the wellhouse as much as I hated that nasty old awning, but my tolerance for it waned with time.  Still, I was stuck with it until we got a roof over the whole atrium, because the breaker panel, wifi repeater, and other things in there need protection from rain.  Well, now we have a roof over the atrium, so I got rid of the nasty thing as soon as I could!  In fact, on the day I was tearing it off, it rained cats and dogs all afternoon, yet I stayed nice and dry as I worked.  It was very, very satisfying, let me tell you, and more than a little validating.  As you can see, I replaced the peaked outdoor roof with a flat plywood surface; at present it’s good as a work table, and later we’ll put an attractive top on it and use it for a bar.

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