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Annex 74

Since the paddock door is at atrium level (unlike the shop passage I showed y’all last week),  I couldn’t run the roof panels as a continuation of the shop’s roof; as you can see, the top of the door is actually above the edge of the shop roof.  So what I did instead was to make the awning for this ramp (made with the very last leftover roof panels except for small scraps) end at the same level as the edge of the shop roof, so that when I install the gutters (starting after I get home next week) I can simply make a 90o turn onto the edge of the awning, then install a short run with its own downspout for the section under the awning.  I apologize for Rocky’s rather rude posture on the handrail; when I started to snap the picture he was in a much more dignified position, and I didn’t realize he had turned before the snap until much later, after I had installed the screen in the big window area to the right of the door.  You’ll be seeing that and the screen on the northeast wall in two weeks, and soon after that I hope to have some gutter pictures.

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