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Later this evening I’ll be home from my two-week trip to Freedom Fest via Eugene, Sacramento, and Los Angeles.  Though I don’t really mind long drives, it was nice that most of the legs averaged only 5 hours each:  5 hours from Sunset to Eugene, 6 from Eugene to just north of Sacramento, 5 from Sacramento to Los Angeles, 4 from LA to Las Vegas, and 5 from Baker City, Oregon to Seattle.  The only long day was Sunday, 10 hours from Vegas to Baker City; this evening after dinner I’ll head home, but that’s only 2 hours.  I managed to combine a number of stops into this one journey:  Eugene was to attend the last day of Nicole Gililland’s case (at her request); Sacramento was for an overnight with one of my generous gentlemen; Los Angeles was for a lovely four-night visit with my friend Angela, during which I did my best to be sober for as few hours as I could manage; and Las Vegas was for Freedom Fest as mentioned before.  It felt a little strange not to have any speaking engagements at a conference, but I did a lot of one-on-one education and some strategizing, and it’s always good to see the friends I typically get to see only at conferences and other activist events.  And those of y’all who donated to help me out will be glad to know that even with sky-high California gas prices and sky-high Las Vegas food prices, I managed to do the whole thing well within my budget!

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