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I’ve always been a homebody, but now that I have a home that actually feels like home deep in my bones (for the first time in decades), it’s even more pronounced.  It’s not just the anxiety about flying (or the more general anxiety about the many things that can go wrong while traveling), nor even just practical concerns (like the difficulty of getting a decent cup of tea virtually anyplace in the US that isn’t my house, or the many factors that can make even an expensive hotel room unpleasant); above all else, it’s just that I’m comfortable in my routines and as I age, increasingly uncomfortable outside of them.  So though I’m not going to stop traveling (because there are lots of important reasons for doing so), I’m not one of those people who enjoys travel for its own sake.  And when I’m done with any given trip, whether to Seattle or another part of the US or another part of the world, I’m always glad to be back home safe and sound, sleeping in my own bed and cooking in my own kitchen and setting my own schedule without having to concern myself with traffic, checkout times, or having to figure out the logistics of getting breakfast when I’m not even fully awake.

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