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Greeting to all the “criminals” the Council of Wizards created recently with a single magical proclamation.  Neither you nor the morality of your decisions changed one iota; politicians simply decided to send violent thugs to disrupt your life because sadfeelz.  Please remember that in the future when you’re tempted to demonize other people for having been made “criminals” by similar magic “laws”.  Of course, there are such things as actual crimes, though they’re neither as common as authoritarians want you to believe, nor as common as they used to be.  One of the stronger theories about why the crime rate dropped so dramatically after the early ’90s is that due to Roe v Wade, fewer babies were born into the dire poverty that engenders a lot of actual (as opposed to consensual) crime.  So when the crime rates in abortion-banning states starts to rise again in about 16 years, don’t pretend it’s because there aren’t enough cops or the prison-cages aren’t packed full enough.  Of course, the politicians will make that claim, and useful idiots will believe them.  But when that happens, do spare a footnote in your academic paper on the topic (or a citation in your “thinkpiece”) for that crazy whore who told you so way back in the ’20s.

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