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Diary #628

So far, my road trip has been going pretty smoothly.  You may have heard the good news about Nicole Gilliland’s case; the jury was still deliberating when I had to leave Eugene on Thursday, but by the time I stopped for gas in Medford there was a text on my phone telling me about the win.  Speaking of gas, apparently my decision to get my car tuned up and checked over before the trip was a wise one, because I’m getting somewhat better mileage than usual; so far I’ve only had to fill up three times (I left home with about 3/4 of a tank), and managed to find lower-than-area-average prices each time (below $5.00/gallon in Eugene, which is better than I’ve seen in months).  I’ll need to fuel up again before leaving Los Angeles, but that’s still not bad, considering; it’s looking like the whole trip will end up being about 8 tanks altogether, and several of them were refilled when I still had a quarter of a tank or more.  Anyhow, I’m off to Freedom Fest tomorrow, and if all goes as planned I should be back in Seattle when you read the next diary a week from today.

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