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The Long Road

I was originally planning to leave tomorrow for my road trip, but a few weeks ago Nicole Gililland asked me to be with her when the verdict of her lawsuit against the nursing school that kicked her out for having done porn in the past.  Since I was going through Oregon anyhow, I simply had to leave three days early (and it was kinda nice to have the long first leg broken up).  Today I’m on my way down to the Bay Area to see one of my gentlemen tomorrow evening, then on Saturday I’m heading down to Los Angeles to visit a friend I haven’t seen in three years.  On Tuesday I’ll head up to Las Vegas for Freedom Fest, after which I’ll leave for Seattle on Sunday the 17th; I have some appointments in Seattle on the 19th, then after the traffic dies down I’ll head for home (because by that point I’ll have been gone for two weeks and will be ready to see Grace, sleep in my own bed, and return to my normal routine).  Compared to my massive 2014 book tour, about 2500 miles and 14 days is no big deal; however, I’m almost a decade older now (time sure does fly!) and I haven’t done a road trip nearly this long since the beginning of 2017.  Well, at least I don’t foresee any snow on this trip!

If you’re wondering about the picture: I decided to bring tea along on this trip, because hotels never have anything good in the room. But I forgot to bring a mug, so I went to Wal-mart to get one and when I saw this one I couldn’t resist.

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