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Annex 80

Two weeks ago I showed you the area around the hot tub, looking north; this is the same area, looking south.  Since the other picture was taken, I installed this door and built the frame around it, then built the false wall to the right.  The door was one of the room doors for the second guest cottage; Jae felt they take up too much room, so we stored them in the garage until I found a use for them.  If you’ve been following for the past few months, you’ve seen me use a lot of leftovers from the cottage kits; those grooved boards above the door are defective roof boards they used as spacers during shipping, and since they’re tongue-and-groove they work well for applications like this.  That door will remain open during the warm months, while the shutters are off.  But during the cold months, the strip curtain just won’t be enough to keep the weather out.  Behind the door, you can see the hinged framework which covers the breaker boxes; Jae will soon be decorating the false wall and that swinging panel, which will hide and protect the boxes until we need to reach them.  We’re now officially done with Phase 5 of the project; there are a few cleanup details I’ll show you over the next few weeks, but nothing structural.  And as of a week ago today, we’ve started working on the new bathroom; you’ll see pictures soon!

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