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Diary #639

On Sunday Jae’s patron came over to work on the stable for a few hours, and we got the roof mostly finished and minimally protected from the rain predicted for later in the week.  He really can’t get up on the roof, which means me again; every damned time I think I’m done with rooves for a while, I find myself having to get up on another one.  And since I can’t easily do a shingle roof alone, and I would like this finished before the seasonal rain starts again in earnest (probably within two weeks), I’ve asked him to once again hire a young man who has helped us on the project before (but wasn’t available this past weekend).  I think two of us could probably knock it out in an afternoon; the roof pitch isn’t as steep as that of the cottages, so we can work without safety harnesses, and that speeds things up a good bit.  Fingers crossed for that, but one way or another the whole project should be finished before the end of October.

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