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Annex 82

This area, at the northwest corner of the atrium, will soon be a new, larger bathroom; the existing bathroom is on the other side of that window, which will make running the plumbing a lot easier.  The masking tape on the floor marks out the various features:  the big rectangle against the wall is the shower, the smaller rectangle near the window is the toilet area, and the small rectangle opposite the shower will be a vanity.  There’s also an outer wall with a door (for toilet privacy), and the area between it and the cottage (not visible in this shot) will be a vestibule.  The shower won’t have a curtain; one will enter from the area marked by a gap in the tape, and the shower hardware will be at the end by that steel upright.  Don’t worry if you can’t envision any of it yet; the project is already underway, and you’ll see a lot more detail next time.  But if you click on the picture and enlarge it, you can see a little bit of detail right now:  the site of the drain is marked by four visible screws and a couple of black lines around the middle, and though you probably can’t make them out there are five long lines of screws where the heavy beams are attached so as to stiffen the floor to support the concrete which will form the floor and walls of the enclosure.

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