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Diary #636

The weather this year was very weird. First the winter weather lasted five months, all the way through May, then spring went by all too quickly before we went into an unusually-hot, unusually-dry summer.  Of course, since I live near a rain forest, “unusually dry” for us is still nothing like a drought.  However, it played hob with our fruit; as of this writing the few apples I’m seeing on the trees are still quite green, and I haven’t seen any plums at all.  The blackberries were the only exception; they fruited well, though most of the berries were too small to use.  Still, I easily got a basketfull, and on Sunday I made a blackberry pie.  The same day I also noticed that the vines in the lane bore much more heavily and with much larger, nicer fruit, so I picked a bunch more yesterday.  I’m not sure I’ll have enough for jam, but if I don’t I can still make blackberry muffins or another pie, and have the leftovers for dessert with cream and sugar.

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