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Annex 83

Though I’ve already moved well beyond this point in the construction of my shower, I wanted to share this picture from the beginning of the month to show how it was constructed.  As you can see, the walls are just standard frame walls, except for the seat built into the near wall.  Due to her mobility issues, Grace has trouble standing for long enough to take a proper shower; the one in our existing bathroom is the standard tub with shower, so she sits uncomfortably on the edge of the tub and can’t really relax.  This way, she can sit for as long as she likes, using a shower extension on the end of a flexible hose.  The existing bathroom is on the other side of the finished wall; as you’ll see in a few weeks, we’ve drilled through it to tap into the existing plumbing, and the new tankless propane water heater will supply both rooms (leaving the current electric one to feed only the washing machine and kitchen).  The grey sheets to the left are cementboard; it’s what we’re using as a wall-base inside the shower, and the concrete will bond to it.  But since it’s very brittle, the sheets will be attached to a substrate of OSB, as shown in the second picture; I took this one before I finished closing it up so you can see the insulation in the wall, which is necessary because that’s an outside wall so I want to minimize heat transfer through it during the cold months.  There’s still quite a lot of preparation before the concrete, though, as you’ll see over the next few weeks.

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