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Diary #637

Once the days get back to a bearable length and the evenings start to grow cool, my brain starts returning to its normal, non-agitated state pretty quickly.  This isn’t to say that I am completely free of anxiety; given my nature and the fact that we live in an imperfect world full of troubles and problems, I doubt I’ll ever be completely free of that at any time before I cross the river.  But I’m no longer in the agitated state of apparently-causeless anxiety which is my lot from at least the beginning of May until the end of August.  I’ve slept better for the past week than I have since spring, and the cooler weather makes it much easier to relax once the sun goes down at something at least resembling a sensible hour.  It’s still going to be a few more weeks before I’m fully centered again, but even movement in that direction is a blessed relief.  And given that the rainy season is now only about a month off, I’m really looking forward to being able to stay dry when going to the shop or cottages, no matter how heavily it comes down.

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