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The only tyrant I accept in this world is the still voice within.  –  Mahatma Gandhi

One obituary, ten updates and four meta-updates from the past week.

R.I.P. Miss Edna

I’m glad she outlived Zindler by almost five years, after having the last laugh on him in the court of public opinion for almost four decades.

Edna Milton Chadwell [84], the last madam of the Chicken Ranch, an infamous La Grange brothel which inspired a ZZ Top song, a Broadway hit and a movie starring Burt Reynolds and  Dolly Parton…died in Phoenix…on Feb. 25 of complications from injuries she received in a car wreck last October.  The Chicken Ranch…was the oldest continuously operating brothel in the nation when it closed in August 1973, following an expose by KTRK consumer reporter Marvin Zindler…Chadwell…[later] moved to Phoenix, where she lived in relative obscurity until she died…

The full article gives a lot more detail about Miss Edna’s life and management style and tells how The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas came to be.


Bits and Pieces (Part Two) (December 10th, 2010)

Politicians are well-known for being two-faced, but on the issue of internet censorship American politicians have raised duplicity to an art form.  For the past several years we’ve been subjected to their sanctimonious lectures about internet censorship in countries like China, while they…conspire to shut down Wikileaks via denial-of-service attacks, pressure on companies such as Amazon, Paypal, Visa and Mastercard and a campaign to crucify its founder Assange with what looks suspiciously like a “honey trap”.

When I wrote that I didn’t know the half of it, but my instincts (as usual) were good:

United States prosecutors have drawn up secret charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, according to a confidential internal email obtained from a private US intelligence company, Stratfor…In the [January 26th, 2011] email…the company’s vice-president…Fred Burton…wrote: “We have a sealed indictment on Assange”…The news…comes as the WikiLeaks founder awaits a British Supreme Court decision on his appeal against extradition to Sweden…[which] Assange…fears…will open the way for his extradition to the US on possible espionage or conspiracy charges…US army private Bradley Manning was last week committed to face court martial for 22 alleged offences including ”aiding the enemy” by leaking classified US documents…Stratfor “senior watch officer” Chris Farnham…referred to a conversation with a family friend who he said knew one of the Swedish women who have accused Mr Assange of sexual assault, and added that “there is absolutely nothing behind it other than prosecutors that are looking to make a name for themselves”…

Creating Criminals (January 15th, 2011)

Since American politicians insist on making it difficult (sometimes nigh-impossible) to obtain pseudoephedrine legally, I thought I’d help out by sharing the method for making the hard-to-get drug from readily-available methamphetamine.  If sinus sufferers are defined as criminals anyway, we may as well be uncongested, headache-free criminals.

Dirty Whores (June 24th, 2011)

Yet another example of why the incidence of STDs in promiscuous non-prostitutes is up to 160x that in escorts: “…[a new] study revealed…that young women with lower GPAs and more [binge drinking] used condoms less and less frequently over time…

Secret Squirrel (July 16th, 2011)

Here’s yet another creepy gadget for spying on spouses; this one is apparently intended for polygamous relationships (we’re told it enables one to “watch them”, “track them” and “catch them”), but I presume it would also work if one only wanted to spy on one person.  As I said about the semen snooping service, “if you have that little trust for your wife, your relationship is doomed so you might as well save the money and just break up.

Bootlickers (July 20th, 2011)

Remember the “bikini baristas” who were accused of “prostitution”, and the indignant letter from the woman who called the coffee bars “slut stands” that hurt “children” because “the ol [sic] man can’t keep his eyes to himself or his hands off himself?!”  Well, Italy has ignorant prudes just like her:

Busty brunette Laura, 34…has dominated newspapers and TV chat shows after pictures of her dressed in her revealing clothes appeared on the internet…Men have flocked to her bar…so much…that…wives and girlfriends in the town…have banned their partners from going…One said:  “It is outrageous and should not be allowed.  This town is quiet and respectable now we are known across the whole country because of the little amount of clothing this barmaid is wearing to serve drinks…”

One Size Fits All (August 9th, 2011)

I guess these folks didn’t get the memo that arranged marriages are also considered “human trafficking” now: “…[Fifteen] young girls in Wadia village near Palanpur are getting ready for a mass marriage…For the first time, the girls will not be forced into the flesh trade.  Wadia is known as the village of prostitutes in Gujarat.  The…marriage…is scheduled on March 11…” Artificial lines between prostitution and other types of female behavior are drawn everywhere, and the Indians seem just as bad at it as Americans are.

Elephant in the Parlor (October 23rd, 2011)

I can’t vouch for this 2007 story (which I somehow missed before), but I do know the lady:

A former New Orleans prostitute…has said David Vitter was a regular customer in 1999…In an interview…[with] Hustler…Wendy Yow Ellis…said she…[saw] Vitter…[regularly] for several months…”I could not wear any perfume, body lotions, not even take a shower,” Ellis said. “Because he did not want any scent on him whatsoever…” Vitter would [even] take his used condoms with him.  Vitter has acknowledged being a customer of Pamela Martin & Associates, a Washington, D.C., escort service…[Ellis] and Jeanette Maier, who…[ran] a brothel on Canal Street, then said that Vitter had also used their services…[after a while she told him her real name] “…and he said, ‘Oh, my God.'”  That was the last time they met for sex…Vitter’s wife is named Wendy.  Before that, Ellis said, she had used the name Leah…

Forward and Backward (November 22nd, 2011)

The DA of Washington, D.C. admits that “prostitution-free zones” are unconstitutional, but Florida cops never let a little thing like that stop them:

…anyone convicted in Hillsborough County of three or more prostitution charges can be prohibited from a 6½ square-mile area …called the “prostitution exclusion zone”…that long has been known for prostitution…and while police already…impound vehicles when a prostitution or drug arrest is made, the council agreed in December to raise the cost of reclaiming the vehicle to $500.  The new exclusion zone is neither a law nor a city ordinance…it’s a rule that judges can include as a condition of probation for anyone convicted of felony prostitution…

Yes, consensual sex between adults can be a felony in Florida.  Surely you aren’t surprised?

The Prudish Giant (December 28th, 2011)

Apparently, Paypal has entered a “biggest busybody” competition with Google:

…On…February 18, PayPal began threatening indie book publishers and distributors with immediate deactivation of the businesses’ accounts if they did not remove books containing …specific sexual fantasies that PayPal does not approve of…Of course, [this]…would devastate these businesses and all of their authors (not just the erotic writers) overnight…PayPal has a monopoly on the market of online payment processing.  There are few alternatives, though none that are widely used by online shoppers…the [banned themes include BDSM, incest and] pseudo-incest (including “daddy” fantasies, step-family)…fantasies about non-consensual sex or rape, bestiality (widened to include non-human fantasy creatures)…[including] shape-shifters – if the shape-shifters were to have sex in their non-human forms…

The More the Better (January 9th, 2012)

No sooner was this article about a stripper mom published in Redbook than a pompous pearl-clutcher named Penny Nance felt compelled to spew this sick bigotry out on the Fox News site, claiming (among other absurdities) that “the strip club industry has painful ramifications on society and leads to pornography  addiction, gangs, drug use and sex trafficking — just to name a few.”  I’m glad when people make such ridiculous statements, though, because they’re right about one thing: “Cultural acceptance of pornography, stripping, and prostitution is growing day by day.”  And when our descendants look back at this time period, articles like this will allow them to clearly identify people like Nance as the delusional fanatics they are.


January Updates in February Updates (February 13th, 2011)

The ersatz plastic surgeon who accidentally killed a young Englishwoman with black-market butt injections may have been caught:

…Padge Victoria Windslowe, 42, was arrested Wednesday night as she prepared to host a “pumping party” where she was to illegally inject clients…She faces charges including aggravated assault and deceptive practices after…an exotic dancer…suffered serious lung problems after an injection… Windslowe…was being held on $10 million bail…[and] is a “person of interest” in the death of the 20-year-old London woman who last year received injections at a hotel near Philadelphia International Airport…

Where Are the Victims? in November Updates (Part Two) (November 3rd, 2011)

Considering the economic and social collapse of Detroit (which has lost 60% of its population in the last 30 years), one would think its ‘authorities’ would have better things to do than persecute hookers.”  But  since the cops disagree, the people of Detroit now have to fend for themselves:  “…Justifiable homicide in [Detroit] shot up 79 percent in 2011 from the previous year…the local rate of self-defense killings now stands 2,200 percent above the national average.  Residents, unable to rely on a dwindling police force…are fighting back…on their own…”  I might point out that not too long ago nearly everyone had this sensible attitude, and it was only after the majority grew too lazy and timid to protect themselves that the police departments with which we are now oppressed were allowed to grow to their present dangerous size, power and level of armament.

Gorged With Meaning in First Updates of the Year (Part Two) (January 4th, 2012)

Another British article bemoaning the fact that women use sex to make a living:

An increasing portion of students in the United Kingdom looking for a way to pay for their tuition are turning to prostitution…the problem may be particularly acute among medical students, who generally go to school longer, accrue more debt and have less time for paid employment, according to the paper by Jodi Dixon, who is studying at the University of Birmingham.  Dixon pointed to a study of about 300 British university students, in which 10 percent reported knowing a student who had worked as a prostitute or escort in 2010.  That’s up from about 6 percent in 2006, and 4 percent in 2000, Dixon said, a rise that coincided with an increase in college tuition fees…While the ethical implications of soon-to-be doctors working as prostitutes are unclear, “what is unacceptable is a student being forced into prostitution out of financial desperation,” Dixon said…

Waaaah, waaaah, boo hoo hoo.  It’s “unacceptable” to be forced into sex work out of financial desperation, but not to be forced into waitressing or au pair work or any other job that makes a whole lot less?  And if you think its “unethical” for medical professionals to have ever done sex work, I’ve got some really bad news for you…

Sales Pitch in We’re Not Done Yet (January 28th, 2012)

Proponents of the Swedish Model insist that there are no brothels in Sweden  and that their law makes “sex trafficking” virtually impossible:

Six men are set to be charged…on suspicions of operating a…human trafficking operation which brought young women from Romania to Sweden to sell sex.  According to prosecutors, the trafficking ring is one of the largest of its kind ever uncovered in Sweden…Last year in Gothenburg, 255 men were reported and fined for buying sex, a number which led local police to…the discovery of the…trafficking ring…Exactly how many women were selling sex on the streets in Sweden remains unclear, however.

Well, at least there weren’t any government officials involved with this one.

One Year Ago Today

He Said, She Said” is yet another example of why it’s really stupid for men to get involved in BDSM games with emotionally unstable women.

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There will never be a really free and enlightened State until the State comes to recognize the individual as a higher and independent power, from which all its own power and authority are derived, and treats him accordingly.  –  Henry David Thoreau

Three more examples of the suppression of individual freedom (by two governments and a huge corporation), plus a fourth item just for fun and a correction.

Creating Criminals (January 15th, 2011)

For reasons which include the fall of the Iron Curtain and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, Western nations in general (and the U.S. in particular) have begun to develop considerable anxiety about people who cross borders without jumping through all of the hoops so beloved by bureaucrats.  As I previously discussed, the hysterias about “human trafficking” and “illegal aliens” are actually one and the same thing, so it’s no surprise that unconstitutionally-broad, civil-rights-trampling legislation on both subjects have become politically popular at the same time.  But as the State of Georgia has recently discovered to its chagrin, when one turns large numbers of people into criminals with the stroke of a pen, there are often side effects one hadn’t considered:

After enacting…a law designed to drive illegal immigrants out of Georgia, state officials appear shocked to discover that [it] is, well, driving a lot of illegal immigrants out of Georgia…Thanks to the resulting labor shortage, Georgia farmers have been forced to leave millions of dollars’ worth of blueberries, onions, melons and other crops unharvested and rotting in the fields.  It has also put state officials into something of a panic at the damage they’ve done to Georgia’s largest industry.

Barely a month ago…Gov. Nathan Deal welcomed the TV cameras into his office as he proudly signed…[the] law.  Two weeks later, with farmers howling, a scrambling Deal ordered a hasty investigation into [its] impact…as if all this had come as quite a surprise to him…According to [a] survey of 230 Georgia farmers…[they will] need more than 11,000 workers…over the rest of the season…In response, Deal proposes that farmers try to hire the 2,000 unemployed criminal probationers estimated to live in southwest Georgia…

As an editorial in the Valdosta Daily Times notes, “Maybe this should have been prepared for, with farmers’ input.  Maybe the state should have discussed the ramifications with those directly affected.  Maybe the immigration issue is not as easy as ‘send them home,’ but is a far more complex one in that maybe Georgia needs them, relies on them, and cannot successfully support the state’s No. 1 economic engine without them.”  According to the survey, more than 6,300 of the unclaimed jobs pay an hourly wage of…roughly $8 an hour…[and] few…include benefits…the truth is that even if all 2,000 probationers in the region agreed to work at those rates and stuck it out — a highly unlikely event, to put it mildly — it wouldn’t fix the problem.

…Deal’s pledge to find “viable and law-abiding solutions” to the problem that he helped create seems naively far-fetched.  Again, if such solutions existed, they should have been put in place before the bill ever became law, because this impact was entirely predictable and in fact intended…Georgia farmers could try to solve the manpower shortage by offering higher wages…[but that] would drive up their operating costs and put them…at a severe price disadvantage against competitors in states without such tough immigration laws…People are going to lose their crops, and in some cases their farms.  The small-town businesses that supply those farms with goods and services are going to suffer as well.  For economically embattled rural Georgia, this could be a major blow…

An AP follow-up story describes the predictable results of the astonishingly stupid idea that 2000 lazy Americans can take the place of 11,000 industrious Latinos.  The War on Whores has unplanned effects just as the War on Migrants does, but few of those effects are as sudden and dramatic as crippling a major sector of the economy practically overnight.

The Swedish Disease Spreads (February 16th, 2011)

Who needs government censorship when media companies will do it for you?  In this June 24th column from the Times-Colonist, Jody Paterson describes how Google has encouraged anti-prostitution activists in Ireland while censoring those campaigning for human rights:

…Ten escorts launched “Turn Off the Blue Light” this year, responding to a major campaign in Ireland to outlaw the last legal vestiges of prostitution.  The anti-prostitution campaign is called “Turn off the Red Light.”  The escorts picked their name as an allusion to the blue lights on Ireland’s police cars, and the impact of criminalization…The Red Light campaign – a coalition of 39 religious groups, unions, non-profits, feminist organizations, political parties and so on – is pushing for Ireland to follow Sweden…Desperate to be heard on the subject, a few Dublin escorts and supporters struck up their own small rights campaign and bought a Google AdWord – those paid links that you’ve probably noticed at the top of some of your Google searches.  The ad linked to the Blue Light website…[and] said:  “Turn off the Blue Light:  Sex workers in Ireland need human rights, not legal wrongs.”  It ran for several weeks without issue.  But in May, Google yanked the ad, having suddenly decided the content was an “egregious violation” of company ad policy…[against] selling adult sexual services…Blue Light isn’t selling sexual services.  It’s campaigning for human rights…As if to add insult, the company then sold an AdWord to a religious organization leading a campaign against sex trafficking in Ireland…

I guess concern for human rights is more than we can expect from Google, which until it came under fire from rights groups last year was only too happy to whore itself to the Chinese government by censoring search results.

Creeping Rot (April 18th, 2011)

Ireland isn’t the only country under attack by anti-whore fanatics; as I reported in this column the Swedish Model is spreading like gangrene across Europe, and the European Commission has “recommended” it for all European countries and wasted public funds on an ad campaign which can only be described as “ridiculous”.  On June 19th Laura Agustín wrote:

…By what twisted logic did the European Women’s Lobby decide that a film of a man pretending to lick a series of pussies would work to discourage other men from paying to lick pussies or have their own parts licked, or both?  The incoherency of this End Demand product is mind-boggling.  The EWL, as noted not long ago in a post about European anti-prostitution trends, has been running a Together for a Europe Free From Prostitution campaign, despite the fact that some members of the EU legally permit and regulate some branches of the sex industry…In the one-minute video, the man (meant to be a sex worker though he looks anything but) doing the licking acts out feeling sickened by it.  He brushes his teeth a lot.  In contrast, the women throwing themselves back on his bed look quite pleased.  Just how is this meant to discourage men from paying for sex?…the psychology of this campaign certainly shows how anti-sex the campaigners are.

Take a look at the video and then ask yourself what kind of mind would actually believe it would discourage men from hiring hookers.

Another Super Bowl Invasion (May 18th, 2011)

Maybe the crows are in cahoots with the grackles:

…Crows have been attacking police in the parking lot of a [suburban Seattle] police… station.  They’ve been swooping down and dive-bombing the officers as they walk to and from their cars.  Lt. Bob Johns said he recently was flanked by the aggressive birds and “got zinged.”  “They’re like velociraptors,” Johns said.  One officer used his siren to try to scare away the crows, but it didn’t work.  The birds responded by decorating his car with droppings, The Daily Herald reported.  State Fish and Wildlife Department biologist Ruth Milner said the birds are simply protecting baby crows that have been kicked out of the nest and are learning to fly.  Adult crows are quite protective of their young — a common trait among larger birds and birds of prey.  “All they’re doing is defending their nest,” Milner said.  She noted crows also can recognize people’s individual features.  And they hold grudges.  “If your cops have done something that (the crows) perceive as a threat, they could be keying in on them because they’re all wearing the same kind of uniform,” Milner said…

“Velociraptors” indeed.  Obviously cops feel compelled to exaggerate the threat of 500-gram birds just as they do everything else.

In Their Own Words (June 10th, 2011)

Regular reader Friend called my attention to the fact that the Catharine MacKinnon quote “All sex, even consensual sex between a married couple, is an act of violence perpetrated against a woman,” is a misattribution from the October 1986 issue of Playboy.  We do not need to lie about our enemies, so I replaced the incorrect quote with two properly-attested quotes.  My sincere apology to Professor MacKinnon for the error.

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There’s no way to rule innocent men.  The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals.  Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them.  One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.  Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens?  What’s there in that for anyone?  But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. –  Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

In my column of August 9th I defined my own coinage “lawhead” as “one who believes that man-made laws are actually based in objective reality like physical laws; he is unable to comprehend that the majority of laws are completely arbitrary, and therefore views a violation of a ‘vice law’ with the same horror that normal people reserve for rains of toads or spontaneous human combustion.  Though lawheads are a minority of the population they are disproportionately represented in positions of power, with the result that once a law is on the books it cannot usually be removed by any means short of armed insurrection.”  Lawheads are most dangerous when they work in close association with control freaks, those who know very well that laws are arbitrary but enact them anyway so as to have more excuses to threaten, intimidate, arrest, fine and imprison the citizenry.

These laws are usually designed with sufficiently diabolical cleverness so as to fool the Great Unwashed into thinking they do indeed have a basis in reality, especially when enacted in conjunction with a moral panic (such as “national security”, “child welfare” or the like). But even when they aren’t, there are sufficient numbers of lawheads around to ensure that these tyrannical laws are rarely, if ever removed.  And even when they are, for every repressive statute which is struck down ten more have been enacted in the meantime.  Governments don’t care HOW universal criminality is achieved, so long as it is; if it isn’t accomplished by prohibiting drinking it will be by banning smoking, and if not by forbidding homosexuality and abortion it’ll be by denying privacy and the right to self-defense.  And as we’re seeing in many places, control freaks are equally happy demonizing our clients as they ever were demonizing whores.  The important thing is to define as many people as possible as criminals, thereby inducing a social autoimmune disorder for which government can be touted as the cure though it is actually the cause.

One example of this were the Jim Crow laws designed to control free blacks in the latter half of the 19th century; all manner of things were made illegal for black people so that governments would have the excuse to monitor, harass and persecute them.  But after the successes of the civil rights movement in the middle of the 20th century, government somehow succeeded in casting itself as the great savior of black Americans even though it was government which had created the laws which criminalized them in the first place.  The Jim Crow laws were a clumsy attempt at control because they directly targeted one obvious segment of the population and thus A) did not intimidate everyone; and B) disallowed those in the targeted group any illusion of escape through “correct” behavior.  By comparison, the anti-prostitution laws which proliferated a generation after the first Jim Crow laws affected almost 10% of women and 70% of men and were thus far more effective means off social control; a generation after that alcohol prohibition was even more efficient at creating criminals out of previously law-abiding citizens.

At the stroke of a pen, the 18th Amendment magically transformed tens of millions of ordinary Americans, no different from their neighbors, into criminals, and many millions of others lost respect for all law and authority due to the rigor with which the asinine prohibition law was enforced.  Deprived of legal sources of alcohol Americans turned to those who could supply it, thus enriching true criminals (gangsters and smugglers) and enticing many who might not otherwise ever have crossed the line into the now-lucrative bootlegging market.  Hundreds of thousands were blinded, paralyzed, and killed by poisonous moonshine or industrial alcohol because there was no longer supervision of product contents.  Official corruption ran rampant, courts and prisons were clogged with people who were not considered criminals a few years earlier, federal police powers were dangerously expanded and civil liberties were bulldozed in order to enforce a law which was unjust and unenforceable to begin with, and billions were wasted on enforcement while billions more were lost in tax revenues.

This was, of course, utterly incomprehensible to lawheads; those who made statements on the subject in 1920 predicted that the law would magically remove the desire for liquor from the American mind.  The Internal Revenue Service predicted that the law would be instantly effective, but that it would take six years for all existing private liquor supplies to be used up.  And Prohibitionists both inside and outside the government questioned neither the ability to legislate state-defined morality into existence nor the rectitude of attempting to do so.  And the fact that the so-called “Noble Experiment” failed miserably in less than a decade (calls for its repeal were widespread and vocal by 1929) did absolutely nothing to penetrate the thick skulls of lawheads and control freaks, who have in the intervening 80 years continued to support other prohibitionist bans and even foisted upon us a host of new ones.

Each of these bans – from marijuana to prostitution to pseudoephedrine – have had exactly the same effects:  None of them have affected demand one iota, nor hampered those who wish to partake.  All of them have enriched criminals and increased true crime and bloodshed.  All of them have enticed millions who might not otherwise have committed crimes into participating in the lucrative black markets created by their prohibition.  All have increased the danger to users or sellers of the banned product or service (and even to innocent bystanders), often to fatal levels.  All have given rise to rampant corruption, overwhelmed court and prison systems, dangerously expanded governmental powers, negated civil liberties and billions wasted on enforcement and lost in tax revenues.  And each has admirably accomplished what it was enacted to accomplish:  the redefinition of large segments of the population from citizens to criminals, thus allowing government yet another excuse to deprive them of their rights, goods and freedoms.

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