Culture warriors just keep plunging that ice pick into society’s frontal lobes, hoping they can make the Bad Thoughts which plague them go away.  The latest target is the Kinsey Institute, the world’s leading center of sexological research since shortly after the Second World War:

Indiana [politicians have]…voted…to approve a budget that specifically blocks Indiana University from using state funding to support the Kinsey Institute, and…Gov. Eric Holcomb [has] signed it into…law…The Kinsey Institute…is the leading sex research institute in the world.  We publish dozens of scientific and academic articles each year, across multiple disciplines.  Our faculty are internationally renowned biologists, psychologists, anthropologists, health scientists and demographers.  We house the world’s largest library and research collection of sexuality-related materials, and scholars from across the globe visit us to study these materials and to train in our research theories and methods…

As one might expect, Kinsey has always been a target for prudes, bluenoses, pearl-clutchers, religious fanatics and other assorted creeps and wackos:

Since its founding in 1947, the institute has been the target of disinformation and attacks.  The original “Kinsey reports” (Sexual Behavior in the Human Male in 1948, Sexual Behavior in the Human Female in 1953)…were…met with shock and moral panic — especially following the second volume, which documented the real sexual lives of America’s wives, sisters, mothers and daughters.  So much controversy ensued that the Rockefeller Foundation withdrew its…funding for the institute in 1954.  In 1950…U.S. customs…seized a shipment of…materials being mailed to the institute’s research collection on the basis of their being “obscene”.  The federal court case that followed, United States v. 31 Photographs, resulted in a historic ruling in favor of the institute’s right to collect materials and data for sex research…Another wave of attacks came in the 1980s, whipped up by conspiracy theories that Kinsey’s research had unleashed the sexual revolution and, with it, a moral decay on America…

But those 20th-century attacks pale in comparison with the sheer lunacy of the current ones, driven by control freaks publicly sharing their disgusting sexual fantasies:

…[Indiana politician] Lorissa Sweet…alleged without evidence that the Institute’s founder Alfred Kinsey sexually abused children and insinuated that Kinsey researchers continue to enable child abuse. “Could they be hiding child predators?” Sweet [panted with her hand in her pants].  “If there is any place where Chris Hansen needs to bring To Catch a Predator, it is Indiana University”…[to his credit one politician,] Matt Pierce[, said:] “This…is based on old, unproven allegations of conspiracies that did not exist…these are warmed-over internet memes that keep coming back…I don’t believe for a minute that the leadership really wanted that provision in the bill…but…they couldn’t bring themselves to say no to this rising base of power within the legislature”…

With rare exception, politicians can always be counted on to pander to hordes of ignorant lackwits who view any knowledge that might contradict their deeply-stupid weltanschauung as an existential threat.  But until recently, they were opposed by a vocal minority of Establishment intellectuals who, while hardly intellectual titans themselves, at least recognized the necessity of defending intellectual freedom against violent imbeciles who would be hard-pressed to out-think the average baboon.  Now, unfortunately, those same Establishment intellectuals are too busy promoting their own idiotic, fact-free belief system to have the energy, intellectual bandwidth or credibility to defend the Library and the Academy against smooth-brained cretins with torches, and there seems to be very little left to stop Western society from sliding into another dark age.

Who doesn’t want to help people explore different things?  –  Chayse

Above the Law

Just another kind of federal cop, with behavior to match:

A [typical and representative] U.S. Homeland Security [thug] was sentenced…to life in prison for violating two women’s civil rights by trying to stop them from telling police he [raped] them…John Olivas…beat…and sexually assault[ed both when]…they were, first one and then the other, his girlfriends…Olivas raped one of the women twice and attempted to rape the other one once…but…will appeal his federal conviction…[because he thinks]…as a federal agent…he…is [above the law]…An ex-wife testified that in 2004 she, too, was raped by Olivas…

Skin To Skin

There can never be too many articles on sex workers for the disabled:

…As well as providing his skills as a sex worker, Chayse has also been talking with a dating coach to see how he can support [his client] Melanie navigate the “tango of dating” and help her build future romantic partnerships with other people…For Melanie, the experience is more than just sexual liberation and she has got so much out of this ongoing experience she believes governments should…support disabled people in accessing sexual services…And she has been excited to share her new experiences with friends and family…

To Molest and Rape

When predators aren’t culled, they just keep on predating:

A Toronto [cop named]…Ramdial Lokenath…[raped] a woman on May 19, 2022…[after going] to an apartment…for a reported domestic assault…While his partner was in the p[igmobile] with the [husband], Lokenath returned to the apartment [under the pretext of] tak[ing the woman’s] statement…he…turned off the video on his body camera and muted the audio…while [telling] the…woman…he could “influence the charges facing her husband”…[so she would submit to rape when he returned later without his partner]…Lokenath was also charged with…assaulting his [own] wife on Oct. 19, 2022…

Unchristian Nation

Government at every level crusades against Christian charity:

…Since 2005, Micah’s Way has operated a resource center where volunteers help connect their poor and homeless clients with birth certificates, ID cards, clothing, bus passes, and other services…They also offer the people who come to the resource center muffins, pastries, and fruit, plus hot coffee…their charitable activities continued without issue for over 15 years…then…in November 2021, Micah’s Way received an administrative citation from Santa Ana [California]…demand[ing] that the group obtain a certificate of occupancy at their resource center or else cease all operations there.  When the group applied for the needed certificate, they were denied…on the grounds that it was engaged in food distribution, which wasn’t allowed by their property’s “professional district” zoning…the city [threatened]…the group…[with] “administrative fines, criminal prosecution and/or civil remedies such as injunctions and penalties”…

Creepy Coppers

The people the government empowers to police your sexuality:  “A M[issouri cop named]…Cory Younger….has been arrested and] charged with possession of child pornography…

Opting Out (#1313)

Most Americans still believe France is a sex-positive society:

The…French government…confirmed…that it will attempt to bypass the courts to force the five largest adult sites accessible in the country to comply with a controversial, vaguely worded 2020 age verification law…[because it] is frustrated with the legal challenge mounted by lawyers for Pornhub, Tukif, xHamster, XVideos and Xnxx…the government’s intention [is] to [place the internet censoship agency] ARCOM…[above] the courts…[as] part of a new bill intended to “secure and regulate the digital space”…

In case you’re wondering what the last ominous statement means:

The French government has confirmed that the new bill it introduced…to bypass the courts and force platforms to implement age verification will apply not only to specifically adult sites but also to any site that allows explicit content, including Twitter…

The Cop Myth (#1336)

Sleeping with a cop is one of the most dangerous things a woman can do:

A [Tennessee cop has been arrested but also rewarded with a paid vacation for]…pointing an AK-47 rifle at [his ex-girlfriend]’s car and later kicking her in the face…Jarreil Peoples…[attacked her when she came to his home to] exchange [some] property…he…approached her car with…[the] rifle and pointed it at her car, [so she drove] away out of fear…Peoples then called her to say he put the rifle up and asked her to return to the house to exchange property.  She [foolishly] returned…and…Peoples [used the opportunity to] kick…in her driver’s side window, hitting her in the face with his foot and shards of glass…Peoples…[previously attacked her when] he came to [her] apartment to return a house key…as she and Peoples walked towards the front door, he turned around, picked her up and body slammed her into some stairs…


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Diary #672

After I bought my property in Oklahoma, Matt and I returned to New Orleans from 2004-2006 to work.  During that time we lived in Mid-City just a block off Bayou St. John, so we often passed by the massive necropolis at the corner of Canal Street and City Park Avenue which locals simply refer to as “The Cemeteries”.  Early in 2006, I noticed that a statuary adjacent to the cemeteries had a “Going Out of Business” sign, and stopped in to inquire; it turned out that the city had used the recent Hurricane Katrina as a pretext to steal the business’ building and land under eminent domain (with only a few weeks’ notice) to build a new 911 call center which could have been located in any of a number of other places, so the owners were trying to sell off as many statues as they could because their storage facility couldn’t hold them all while the owners figured out what they were going to do.  At the time I had just spent several months as the only escort in town, so I had the cash to buy six marble statues at fire-sale prices.  Some of y’all have probably spotted them in various pictures over the years, but for the first time I’m reaching the point where all of them will be displayed properly.  I’ve decided to place this one in honor of Venus Cloacina, the purifier of waters, in the vicinity of the septic tank; that’s north of the house, in the new paddock extension (if you look closely, you can probably just make out one of the new T-posts for the fence extension at upper right).  As you can see I need to clean her up, and I’ve asked Jae to make a rock garden around her, both for decorative purposes and to dissuade the animals from trying to scratch themselves against her and knocking her over.  And soon, you’ll see another of those statues in the atrium.

The modern US is the most litigious society which has ever existed, and is likely to be the most litigious one that ever will exist, because when any organism, including a society, exceeds a certain critical parasite load, it is unable to take in enough nourishment to sustain itself.  It’s bad enough that the US body politic is struggling to sustain the massive and malignant tumor called “government”, but that’s only the largest drain on resources; it also must contend with a horrifyingly-huge number of disgusting parasites, both internal and external, eating away at whatever tissues have somehow managed to remain healthy.  And rather than combat these parasites, the government cancer instead enables and even encourages them by dreaming up an ever-larger number of ways for them to further clog the already-overburdened courts with  ridiculous demands for blood from whichever structures seem likely to provide the most for the sucking.  In “The Mob Rules” I wrote,

[When] the process of eliminating the presumption of innocence…proved too slow…politicians hit upon the idea of persecuting individuals they wish to destroy with civil suits rather than prosecuting them in criminal courts, because civil suits have a lower burden of proof and may even allow the persecutors to make a profit…but the tactic still required too much attention from prosecutors and others of their morally-diseased ilk to create the level of carnage desired by authoritarians until some especially-psychopathic individual realized…that a law encouraging any random busybody to file suit for the supposed “offense” would truly open the floodgates…

Of course most of the individuals and corporations politicians are painting targets on are those they wish to eliminate, such as those which allow women to control our own lives, or those which allow people to freely express ideas the government does not like:

…at least eleven school districts around the country have sued the owners of such platforms as Snap, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok seeking financial compensation for the “increased mental health services and training they’ve ‘been forced’ to establish” as a consequence of student use of social media…Cash demands aside, the schools say they want to [control]…the platforms to change how they operate.  These are bad lawsuits that courts should reject.  The suits’ announced goal…is in itself debatable, but the means employed…vaults the whole thing into the realm of the absurd…[politicians] have been advancing proposals lately to regulate social media in the name of protecting minors from its bad influence.  Among the goals are to require age verification and…ban or severely restrict social media access below some threshold age…A recent paper by…Jennifer Huddleston outlined some major objections to the proposals…simply cutting off minors from social media use entirely would ban a great deal of communication almost everyone concedes to be wholesome…and…age verification…can result in the gathering…of sensitive and readily misused personal information…it’s inevitable that some content providers will decide to play safe by not making available certain kinds of sensitive content at all, even for adult eyes…
The article, by the ever-reasonable Walter Olson, is well worth reading in its entirety.  Where and when this insanity will stop, no one can predict.  But it had better be soon, because enabling politicians to continue siccing hordes of useful idiots on anyone or anything they perceive as an enemy is a sure-fire recipe for social and economic collapse.


Links #671

Go find a tree branch or something!  –  “Officer” Myles Foster

In my mind there’s only one proper song to honor the passing of Gordon Lightfoot; the links above the video were provided by Franklin Harris, Gustavo Turner, Stephen Lemons, Cop Crisis (x2), Scott Greenfield, and Radley Balko, in that order.

From the Archives

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Free states don’t ban health care.  –  Lori Berman

If Men Were Angels

Another version of this story tried to gloss over his being a preacher:

A Mississippi minister…[molested] several underage boys he knew from his position as their pastor, tutor, or employer…Daniel Paul Harris…was arrested [on May 4th] and charged with [various molestation offenses]…he…is [the]…pastor…of Olive Branch Christian Church…and [runs]…the Kaimen Center, which provides resources for children and [disabled] adults…Victims told police that they were assaulted on multiple occasions…

To Molest and Rape

This is the kind of man to whom the State gives almost unlimited power over women:

Two [London cops] were arrested…[for] kidnapping and raping a woman…in Kingston…[she appears to have foolishly imagined they could be trusted to pal around with until] they took her by taxi to an address in North London [to]…rape…[her] and h[old her] against her will…The woman reported them on [April 30th]…

Leaving the 20th Century (#1223)

After deciding, less than two years ago, that pimping should continue to be a crime, the Constitutional Court [of Portugal] opened the way…for…decriminalization…[because]  ‘a person’s decision to engage in prostitution can constitute a full expression of her sexual freedom’…and…it is [therefore] unconstitutional to punish…those who profit from the prostitution of others…”  Amateurs are utterly obsessed with “pimps” and refuse to comprehend that such laws are nearly always used against sex workers who help each other or share expenses, or against the maids, landlords, and romantic partners of sex workers.

To Molest and Rape (#1314)

Give aggressive thugs power over teens; what could possibly go wrong?

A [typical and representative boss cop in]…Hopkinton, Massachusetts…has been charged with…child rape over [assaults] that [he committed] in 2004 and 2005…John “Jay” Porter…[repeatedly raped] a 15-year-old student…while [he was assigned to spy on, harass, and intimidate students] in the town’s school system…

The Last Shall Be First (#1332) 

Both sides in the culture war have completely taken leave of their senses:

The Florida Senate passed what opponents are calling the Florida “abduction” bill (SB 254)…[because it] would allow [legal minors] to be “kidnapped” by…parents [who oppose their receiving care for gender dysphoria] — even if the opposing parent lives across state lines…The bill would grant Florida courts temporary emergency jurisdiction over a [legal minor] present in the state if the [legal minor] has been subject to or is “threatened” with being subjected to sex-assignment prescriptions or procedures…it…would effectively let courts modify out-of-state custody agreements by allowing dissenting parents to petition courts to take [their side in the dispute]…Parents, guardians and medical providers helping minors receive gender-affirming care would be subject to criminal penalties for violating the new law…and medical providers who provide care to trans people under 18 would risk revocation of their medical licenses and could be charged with a…felony…

The Mob Rules (#1337)

This is really the only way to address ignoramus politicians’ demands for surveillance of website users:

The porn industry is warning Virginians could lose access to adult sites if Gov. Glenn Youngkin signs strict new age verification legislation currently on his desk…That’s exactly what [recently] happened…in Utah when a similar bill went into effect…Virginia’s proposed law requires sites verify users are 18, but the state does not yet offer a digital ID that companies can tap into, an adult industry trade group…issues with commercial age verification alternatives make them a no-go for the industry…”Platforms that want to comply will not be able to, but will still be liable for lawsuits for non-compliance”…said [Mike Stabile of the Free Speech Coalition]…

It isn’t just porn sites, either; Wikipedia has announced it will not comply with similar surveillance demands in the UK.

To Molest and Rape (#1337)

Cop and “church youth leader” is like the molester equivalent of a full house:

…a [South Carolina cop] arrested for [molesting teenage boys] was also a church youth leader…Erickson Douglas Lee [assaulted one boy about 30 times] between December 2020 and July 2022…at Lee’s house [after getting him drunk]…

The report is deliberately confusing, but it appears to refer to multiple adolescent male victims of various ages in their mid-teens.


I find paywalls distasteful, and so many people find this blog valuable as a resource I just can’t bring myself to install one.  Furthermore, I find ad delivery services (whose content I have no say over) even more distasteful.  But as I’m now semi-retired from sex work, I can’t self-sponsor this blog by myself any longer.  So if you value my writing enough that you would pay to see it if it were paywalled, please consider subscribing; there are four different levels to fit all budgets.  Or if that doesn’t work for you, please consider showing your generosity with a one-time donation; you can Paypal to maggiemcneill@earthlink.net or else email me at the same address to make other arrangements.  Thanks so much!

Annex 107

I’ve learned to trust Jae’s instincts with decorating; over the years she has learned my tastes, and I’ve only rarely disagreed with one of her suggestions.  So even though some of them regarding the bar seemed odd, I just went with the flow and, as usual, I like what she did.  The side is done in the same kind of artificial greenery as the wall behind the hot tub (which is directly across from it), so even though I was skeptical about the artificial turf on top, she promised it would be soft and not have a plasticky look.  As usual, she was right, and Lilith seems to enjoy lying up there too.  She did the bar with a Japanese-inspired technique involving splashed paint and searing with a blowtorch, and I really like it; you’re going to see another feature done the same way in the next few weeks.  Sometimes, she does something one way and then decides later that there’s a better way to do it; you can see that the bar was one such case, and she’s warned me that the ceiling lights will be another when we get around to that.  But even though that will involve my having to get up on a ladder to rearrange them, I really don’t mind (much) as long as I like the finished product.

Under the Sun

Why, oh why are so many ignoramuses convinced that non-vanilla sex is a recent invention? And why are they so certain in this stupid belief that they want to proclaim their status as dullards to the entire internet?

This also implies that every kinky person who came of age before the advent of internet porn is lying.  My first recollection of “funny feelings” (as I thought of them) goes back to 1970, but this soi-disant Sage of Sexuality claims they derive from kinky porn I’ve never seen.  And that is, BTB, not an exaggeration; I became tired of, and uninterested in, porn several years before I had an internet connection.  The only kinky porn I’ve ever seen was a German “wet sex” magazine my first husband bought in Bavaria sometime in the mid-’80s.  And yet, despite my dislike of porn, I do not think it should be banned.  I also dislike drag shows, but I don’t think they should be banned either.  Funny how true principles and valid ethics don’t depend on the gut-level preferences of any one person.

But I digress.  The core of this is, of course, sexual shame; people (especially, though by no means exclusively, those reared in sexually-repressive religions) cannot admit to any sexual feelings outside of straight vanilla monogamy, so when they experience such feelings it’s both convenient and comforting to blame them on porn, “sex addiction“, alien abduction, demonic possession, hypnosis, or any other thing outside the darker recesses of their own brains.

She was looking for…content for her name and her income, and at our expense.  –  Sadie Martinez

You Were Warned (#1170)

Prohibitionists, censors and profiteers will continue to harass businesses thus until FOSTA is overturned:

The…9th Circuit has dismissed a lawsuit that accused Twitter of participating in a sex trafficking venture.  The suit—which invoked…FOSTA…was brought by two John Does and…Morality in Media…The 9th Circuit [recently]…found Reddit not guilty of sex trafficking in similar circumstances to this case…

The Widening Gyre (#1230)

Another sign that the moral panic is largely over:

…Katie Sorensen…posted a video that was viewed more than 4 million times in which she [pretend]ed that two strangers tried to grab her young children outside a store in Petaluma, California…Following the video, the accused couple, Sadie and Eddie Martinez, recognised themselves in a photo and came forward to strongly deny the claims…Sorensen was convicted of making a false report of a crime and…faces a jail sentence of between six months and one year.  Sorensen’s lawyer says that his client did not lie to the police[, but rather was just stupid and hysterical]…

You Were Warned (#1292)

These attempts to destroy the internet are just going to keep getting worse:

Congress has resurrected the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA), a bill that would increase surveillance and restrict access to information [under the pretext] of protecting children online…its latest version…would still require surveillance of anyone sixteen and under…[and] put the tools of censorship in the hands of state attorneys general, and would greatly endanger the rights, and safety, of young people online.  And KOSA’s burdens will affect adults, too, who will likely face hurdles to accessing legal content online as a result of the bill…KOSA would make platforms liable for the content they show minors, full stop.  It will be based on vague requirements that any Attorney General could, more or less, make up…

The Mob Rules (#1307)

Websites targeted by a censorship bill are trying to turn the power of the mob back on politicians:

Pornhub…disabled access to its platform from all Utah IP addresses, in response to the state’s latest anti-porn law…The LDS church…considers all pornography to be a ploy by “the adversary” (i.e., Satan) specifically created to destroy Mormon families by tempting male heads of households.  In addition to cutting off access to its content for Utah-based IP addresses, Pornhub…replac[ed] its landing page for those addresses with an SFW video in which [adult performer] Cherie DeVille explains the reasons for the content restriction…

Predictably, searches for VPNs immediately surged in Utah.

The Last Shall Be First (#1322) 

The “bathroom bill” political fad is back after a three-year hiatus:

Kansas has passed what has been described as the “broadest” anti-trans bathroom bill in the United States…overturn[ing] a previous veto by governor Laura Kelly, who has continually spoken out against anti-trans legislation…the…bill…bans trans and intersex women from toilets, changing rooms and prison facilities that align with their gender, as well as…defini[ng]…a female [for purposes of the law a]s a person who produces “ova”…meaning cis women who are infertile and are unable to produce eggs [w]ould [technically be] barred from spaces…

The Mob Rules (#1323)

This is exactly what those who passed this bill wanted:

A countersuit has been filed by two of three women who were named in a [nuisance] lawsuit by a [Texas] man…who alleged they conspired to help his then-wife obtain an abortion.  [According to the]…suit…Marcus Silva…[was] emotionally abusive…to…Brittni Silva, who is now his ex-wife…He subjected her to verbal abuse and manipulative behavior…[such as] hid[ing] her car keys to prevent her from leaving their house…Brittni determined she needed a divorce…[but] continued to live [with Marcus] and in July 2022, [he] went through [her] purse and phone and discovered one of two pills used for a medication abortion.  He put the pill back into her purse, [then went through her phone to find the text messages]…to…Jackie and Amy…He filed a police report on July 18, 2022…admitting he…knew about the pregnancy before it was terminated…

To Molest and Rape (#1334)

Your “leaders” sometimes refer to child molestation as “community support”:

A [typical and representative Surrey cop] has been jailed for six years for “abhorrent” child sex offences.  William Redwood…admitted 33 charges in[volv]ing [molestation and] making…and distributing…child [porn of both]…boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 17…from 2016 to 2020…

At other times, they call it “correction”:

A[n Oregon screw] has been charged…with repeatedly molesting a child in Salem over a [recent] four-month period…Cenobio Jauregui…sexually abused a [relative] under 14 years old…five times between December…and April…

And at still other times, they call it what it is, but treat it like no big deal:

A [typical and representative Minnesota cop named]…Eric Gramentz…was sentenced…to…a…[mere] 90 days in jail, followed by 25 years of supervised probation…[in addition to the] year [he has been caged] since his arrest.  He also received a stayed sentence of 12 years…that he would likely have to serve if he violates any of the terms of his probation…[which] include attending a sex offender program and not having any unsupervised contact with any minors.  He’ll also have to register as a predatory offender…[his] victim…was [only] 11 or 12 years old [when the abuse began]…


I find paywalls distasteful, and so many people find this blog valuable as a resource I just can’t bring myself to install one.  Furthermore, I find ad delivery services (whose content I have no say over) even more distasteful.  But as I’m now semi-retired from sex work, I can’t self-sponsor this blog by myself any longer.  So if you value my writing enough that you would pay to see it if it were paywalled, please consider subscribing; there are four different levels to fit all budgets.  Or if that doesn’t work for you, please consider showing your generosity with a one-time donation; you can Paypal to maggiemcneill@earthlink.net or else email me at the same address to make other arrangements.  Thanks so much!

Diary #671

A few months ago, a pregnant stray cat turned up at Yellowbird’s house, and she gave her shelter until she had four kittens. Yellowbird named her Lilith, and she’s barely more than a kitten herself; in fact she and her kittens were all fixed at the same time.  There was no way she could have five cats in her small house, so she kept the two males and offered the two female kittens to Jae, who lost both of her cats to old age in the past year (the second just a week after we lost Aeryn).  That still left Lilith; Yellowbird asked if we could take her as our atrium cat, assuming she could get along with Rocky.  So I agreed, and she’s now been here just under two weeks.  She staked out her territory immediately, letting Rocky know in no uncertain terms who was Queen of the Atrium, and apparently laying a claim on me as well; whereas she seems merely tolerant of everyone else, she eagerly seeks me out for petting, even to the point of following me out into the paddock.  I’m told she’s a good mouser, so that’ll be nice too; Rocky seems to have gotten a bit lazy about it lately, so maybe this will keep him on his toes.  Anyhow, she’s been exploring the atrium and the yard, and I like her personality, so I reckon I have a cat of my own again for the first time since poor Friday passed back in 2015.  That’s how it is with me; I can’t just replace a beloved pet as some people can, but rather have to wait until it kinda happens.  It was four years from losing Sheena to getting Friday, and eight from Friday to Lilith.  And given her youth and my age, she’ll probably be the last one I call my own.